Jurong Tamil Methodist Church

Jurong Tamil Methodist Church

Information You Need To Know About Jurong Tamil Methodist Church

The modest beginnings of Jurong Tamil Methodist Church date back to 1975. Under the devote leadership of Mr and Mrs JCD Pandian, it was one of the daughter churches of Tamil Methodist Church (Short Street), given priority in Jurong residential neighbourhood to planted for ministry in Jurong Tamil Methodist Church. Weekly worship services and prayer meetings held at their home.


After two years, The  Jurong Tamil Methodist Church was legally established in 1977 with 35 members to serve as God’s lighthouse in the western area of Singapore. Its replacement pastor was named Mr JCD Pandian. A people accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior through the church’s outreach work. They underwent baptism and admitted into the church’s membership. In 1979, the church had 53 members. Rev. D. Premkumar served as the church’s full-time pastor in 1981. The membership had risen to 72 by that point. Men, WSCS, MYF, and Sunday School all worked extremely hard. Mr Philip Abraham, a member youth group, quit his job and began serving at the full-time point. He served various ETAC Churches as a pastor after completing education at TTC. He is a blessing for JTMC, which resulted in the hiring of a full-time pastor.

Baptist Men

Our pioneers Mr Philip Paul, John Peters, Christopher, Abraham Paul, Durairaj, Rev. Philp Abraham, Rev Prabu Dass Roberts, and Pastor Pandian, launched our modest beginning of Methodist Men’s work in 1997. They were working at Blk 134 of Taman Jurong, which is no longer there, gathering souls to start our Methodist Men.

At least once a week throughout workdays, our pioneers gather to strategize for expansion. Taman Jurong, Boon Lay, Teban, and Pandan Gardens were all overrun by their feet. They visited homes without knowing if any members were home because there were no mobile phones and few households had telephones.

Sunday scholastic

Our Sunday School session is held from 2:00 to 3:15 and welcomes children up to age 12. The Ten Commandments, the Lord’s Prayer, parables, and all other spiritual parts of the Bible covered in Sunday school lessons. Students learn in class about God’s love for them and how the Bible’s spiritual and ethical lessons can benefit them in all aspects of their lives. Varied activities like theatre, Bible stories, art and craft, music, and snacks kids learn. Through this fascinating programme, our kids learn about Christ and the Bible. Welcome to the JTMC Kids Kingdom, everyone!

Worship and Music 

Through music, the spoken word, testimonials, song inspiration, and active member engagement, JTMC music & worship seeks to lead its congregation in a worship experience that transforms lives. Service leaders, song leaders, the PA and sound system, Bible readers, pastoral preaching, instrumental music, testimonies, ushering, and active congregation participation in the worship service all play a part in leadership ministry. 

Worship service on Sunday:

The congregation can come together in one spirit to worship and converse with God through a good selection of Tamil songs from classical hymns and modern contemporary songs during inspiration, a crucial component of the service. Additionally, our gifted musicians perform in genres to inspire the congregation to worship in new ways. The diversity of songs, musical instruments, and genres encourages us to continue serving the Lord with quality and devotion, doing our utmost to exalt his name.

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