Jurong West Neighbourhood

by | Jun 10, 2022

Jurong West Neighbourhood

jurong west neighbourhood

Know All About Jurong West Neighbourhood

Jurong West Neighbourhood has grown and developed into an estate similar to its neighbouring zones throughout the decades. Despite its location in what gets once considered the extreme west of residential Singapore. Jurong West is presently the largest town in Singapore’s western region, and the Jurong West Neighbourhood has about 300,000 residents after serving as the country’s manufacturing hub since independence.

jurong west neighbourhood flats


Jurong West was mostly marshes with low hills covered in plants and a dense jungle in the 1950s. In the 1960s, it gets transformed into an industrial park, with low-cost housing as a backbone. During the 1970s, during efforts to grow Singapore economically, the Jurong West Neighbourhood amenities such as government dispensaries, a private hospital, creches, hawker centres, and banks were established.

Only a portion of the Jurong West housing development, notably the area between Boon Lay and Jurong East, had been constructed until the late 1980s. A new part of Pioneer Road North gets built in the early 1990s to connect the current Jurong West Extension to Upper Jurong Road. The development of Jurong West Extension began at this point. 

jurong west neighbourhood market


Visit Jurong West’s heartland malls for a sense of belonging. With services such as a Giant Supermarket and a pharmacy, the four-story Pioneer Mall may meet basic requirements. The Gek Poh Shopping Centre offers a charming book exchange zone, tuition centres, and a Prime Supermarket that regularly hosts recycling events.

Taman Jurong Shopping Centre is the location to go to Jurong West for low-cost shopping. Bags, shoes, clothing, and food are all on sale at low costs in the centre. While you browse at NTUC Fairprice, your children can play at one of eight children’s leisure and entertainment stores. 

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Both cafes on Jurong West Street 41 specialise in full-bodied coffee. Try a Brazilian Cerrado from Time Table Cafe’s speciality coffee menu. If not, head to Yup Coffee & Gelato for coffee and dessert, where a single sip will have you nodding “yup” in approval.

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Despite the bustle of Jurong West, the heartlands have long been home to several very long-standing culinary restaurants and booths that have taken the time to hone their skill and recipes. Many of these booths can get found in Jurong West’s food courts, with each one specialising in a single dish.

Heng Huat is a stall known for boneless duck noodles at Boon Lay Place Food Village. You may get a large dish of black sauce noodles with duck slices for $3.50. 

jurong west neighbourhood park

Parks and Gardens 

With its distinctive features, Jurong Central Park provides hours of entertainment for you and your family. The park recreates favourite childhood board games using flora, sculpted terrains, diverse play equipment, and a dice tower. Adult visitors can relive their favourite childhood memories while having fun with their kids in the life-size Snakes and Ladders playground and Ludo Garden. In addition, nature lovers can explore and learn about the numerous water plants, wildlife species, and dragonflies that live in the park’s ponds.

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