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Know all about the Kaki Bukit Community Centre

Kaki Bukit Community Centre is a community club available in Singapore. This Community center helps members to develop in sports and other physical activities. The Kaki Bukit Community Centre has members of all ages.

Kaki Bukit Youth Network:

The Kaki Bukit Youth Network (YN), also known as the Youth Executive Committee (YEC), oversees the Kaki Bukit YOUth Club, which is of YOUth PAssion card members aged 12 to 35 years old who live in the Kaki Bukit Constituency. Activities get planned by fellow YOUths from all walks of life who work together to develop Kaki Bukit YN. Kaki Bukit YN invites you to join us at our events or to join our team!

Bedok South Blk 26 Netball Court:

Netball is a high-speed passing sport. You can play it on a court of 30.5 × 15.25 m (100 x 50 ft). The game is to outscore your opponents by shooting the ball into a hoop strung from a pole 10 feet above the ground (goal post). The average game score would be between 30 and 45 goals. The playing area has three equal portions by “thirds” or cross lines. Semi-circles known as shooting circles are at either end of the square. The goal post is in the middle of the baseline.

Singapore Wrestling:

Wrestling, a sport played in various patterns with the help of competitors, involves causing an opponent to contact the floor with a few a portion of his body other than his feet. It forces him into a specific posture, usually supine, or maintains him in that mode for a limited period. Wrestling may be in numerous ways, with competitors standing or lying down. The belt-and-jacket, catch-and-release, and unfastened patterns are the three basic types of wrestling competition, all of which appear to have originated in antiquity. Belt-and-jacket wrestling refers to styles of wrestling in which the wrestlers’ clothing serves as the primary means of gripping the opponent. 

Singapore Silat Federation:

The Singapore Silat Federation is the sport’s major regulatory organization in silat activity management, education, talent scouting, competition coordination worldwide, technical arbitration, and cultural promotion in educational institutions, companies, and communities. Silat was into the Singapore School of Sports in 2006, and 16 of our national athletes came from the Singapore School of Sports since its start. And every year, the Singapore School of Sports provides silat spaces for our national athletes to study! The Silat Center of Excellence at Kaki Bukit Community Centre Bedok Sports Complex is a valuable resource for our local Silat athletes, who have constantly earned awards for athletic accomplishments in Singapore.

Multipurpose room:

These two multipurpose rooms are located on the west side of the main gymnasium and feature a complete wall of windows on the east side to allow maximum light into the area. The space may get utilized as an empty room, a conference room or classroom with tables and chairs, or a reception area with circular tables. Various classes and leisure activities, such as Pilates, yoga, and dancing, can be scheduled.

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