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Know About Kampong Glam Community Club And Its Courses

The history of the Kampong Glam Community Club is fascinating. The community club was founded at Beach Road in 1960 and remained there until 1972 – when it moved to 750 Victoria Street due to a land reclamation project at Beach Road.

Curriculum Description

Adults or working professionals get curious about the fundamentals of interior design & renovation are the target audience for this course.

This introductory – short course will give you the vital information you need to get your creative ideas off the ground – express them in drawing form, and turn them into workable, practical designs.

The subjects or topics covered in the course are as follows:

  • Fundamentals of interior design.
  • Colour scheme and harmonisation in interior design.
  • From a 2D technical drawing to a 3D perspective drawing.
  • How to determine how much floor space there is.
  • Sketch for the construction of simple furniture.
  • The fundamentals of architecture, construction, and building regulations.
  • How to recognise building structures and disguise or dress them up to become a part of the interior design.
  • Basic technical understanding of the materials used in furniture construction and their qualities.
  • Drawing in perspective with colour rendering.
  • Basic costing for materials used in interior decoration: such as floor tiles, wood, marble, curtains, blinds, etc.
  • How to distinguish between natural and organic materials based on their composition and use.
  • Learn about HDB regulations and remodelling requirements.
  • Design Studio and space planning for interiors.
  • Learn how to combine materials effectively and choose colours that give the interior atmosphere.


Kampong Glam Community Club returned to Beach Road in 1998 in an odd turn of events. Follow the merger of Crawford Community Center and Kampong Glam Community Club – the relocation took place. Due to boundary changes brought on by the relocation of inhabitants and companies into the new Housing Development Board (HDB) blocks, the latter, constructed in the 1950s, amalgamated with Bras Basah Community Centre in 1985. A merger with Kampong Glam Community Club eventually occurred. The previous property of the community club on Victoria Street has converted into a site office for the Land Transport Authority (LTA).

It’s interesting to note the Ceramic Art Club and the Northern Lion Dance company are both parts of the Kampong Glam Community Club. To promote greater understanding among the many communities in Singapore, the Community Club also actively plans interfaith-related events.

Like many community clubs in Singapore, old and modern, Kampong Glam Community Club plays a crucial role in our society, fostering the growth of Singapore’s diverse society. Additionally, it provides a place where the general public may engage in and enjoy a range of other leisure pursuits and learn new skills, like dancing, martial arts, ceramics, and foreign languages.

Kids Tennis

The purpose of Kids Tennis – is to increase tennis proficiency among young people and to pique their interest in and knowledge of the game. They will begin warming up, focusing on physical abilities like balance, appropriate footwork, agility, and body coordination. The kids will next get taught proper ground strokes, return of serves, service, volleys, and overhead smashes as part of the skills development phase.

Playing video games helps kids learn – section will introduce game production. Children will gain knowledge of rallying, precision, positioning, doubles coordination, tennis scoring, and the difficulty of games in this segment. The participants will stretch during the final cool-down to help prevent injury. For the course, children should bring tennis shoes and a racquet.

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