All you need to know about the Katong Shopping Centre

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Katong Shopping Centre is a prominent shopping complex that has stood the test of time because of its outstanding architectural design. The mall gets utilized for Other Retail rental and sales. Katong Shopping Centre has several stores and offices where you may go to find a great range of different goods and services. In addition, the complex has stores for opticians, cosmetics, tailoring, printing, and employment agencies.For delectable Chicken Rice at lunchtime, visit the Katong Shopping Center. You can explore the complex’s many restaurants and sample goodies from places like Food With Benefits and Katom Gourmet Food Center, among others. There are various agencies at the shopping mall that you can visit even if you think you might require domestic assistance or a maid. The retail center also has several locations where kids can spend time in internet cafés. One of the top karaoke bars in the region, Teo Heng KTV, is also available for fun-seekers. 

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A seasoned shopping center in the center of East Coast Singapore, Katong Shopping Center gets first opened in 1973. Some essential elements that have allowed it to shine throughout these years are its distinctive design, a mix of retail establishments, and exceptional customer service. The Katong Shopping Centre was a well-known location for textile, clothes, and shoes after becoming Singapore’s first retail complex with air conditioning. Katong Shopping Center features seven stories used as shops and offices by tenants. Each floor has a unique outlet to give clients a unique shopping experience. In addition, the mall has available space for rent. On its 90,000 square feet of retail space, it currently houses more than 300 retailers and service outlets.

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How to Get There? 

The Katong Shopping Center is located in a great area and is accessible to anyone planning a visit. It can find in the South Eastern region of Singapore at 865 Mountbatten Road. The well-known Katong neighborhood’s more than 40-year-old mall gets located at the intersection of Amber Road, Mountbatten Road, and Haig Road. You can access the shopping center using several methods. When Katong, it is much easier to find the shopping center because it is adjacent to several amenities, including malls, restaurants, and grocery stores. Katong Shopping Centre may reach by various means of transportation due to its convenient location.

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Delicious Boneless Chicken Rice from Singapore’s Katong Shopping Center:

One of the oldest restaurants in the retail center is Delicious Boneless Chicken. It gets situated in stall #3 of the Katong Shopping Center’s basement 1. Due to its excellent food, the restaurant has attracted locals as well as tourists. Southeast Singapore is frequently referred to as the ideal region to enjoy chicken and rice.When combined with the alluring fragrances emanating from the kitchen, you won’t have any other reason to go on to another restaurant.

The Katong Shopping Center’s food court’s stall, Delicious Boneless Chicken, is appropriately named given the food it serves.


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