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On August 26, 2018, the upgraded Kebun Baru Community Club received its grand opening. It aims to provide a welcoming and inclusive Kebun Baru neighborhood. Kebun Baru Community Club includes amenities for families and neighbors like lounge areas, rooftop BBQ pits, sports, early childhood education facilities, and a senior care facility. 

Courses offered

Piano Grade 1

The curriculum of Kebun Baru Community Club with reputable, international music colleges’ permission to local music schools to organize exams for participants. The following international music colleges have examiners on staff: The Royal Schools of Music’s Associated Board is one example (ABRSM) (ii) The London College of Music (LCM), Trinity College of Music (TCM), and Guildhall School of Music & Drama are the other two (GSMD)

Recreational Folk Dance (Intermediate)

Traditional folk dances from different countries throughout the globe are combined to create Recreational Folk Dance, choreographed and modernized. This level is intermediate.


Traditional martial art and workout that promotes good health, taijiquan is a product of ancient China. The unification of internal energy (qi), continuous movement, centering, rootedness, and calm awareness are all principles of Taijiquan, which encompass a wide range of diverse styles. Taijiquan not only improves health but also cultivates spirituality and gives the student skills in self-defense.

Zumba Gold

Get ready for a lively lesson! In particular, for active older participants and those who are just beginning their road to a fit and healthy lifestyle, the well-loved Zumba® choreography with reduced routines and timing focuses on balance, range of motion, and coordination. Participants can engage in the fun with positivity and empowerment thanks to the upbeat Latin music, including salsa, merengue, cumbia, reggaeton, and simple moves!

Erhu (Adult) – Elementary

Chinese two-stringed instruments known as the erhu gets played with a bow. It can get used as a violin in a Chinese orchestra or solo instrument. In a small group setting, participants pick up the necessary playing techniques. They could join an existing Chinese orchestra at a club or community center as soon as they have accumulated the knowledge and expertise.

Simple French Fare

Does the thought of French cuisine intimidate you? To commemorate events with your loved ones, wouldn’t it be wonderful to learn how to make some French cuisine at home? With a chef who has received classical training in French cuisine, you can learn how to make French delicacies like ratatouille, souffle, and sautéed chicken with tarragon, to mention a few.

Benefits of Joining Club

Make new pals

Clubs and societies aren’t simply about the activities you participate in or the skills you pick up. They are about the fantastic individuals you meet on the journey. Even though it sounds cliche, the friends you acquire through a club or society could become your lifelong companions!

Having fun and creating memories

You will get to make some incredible memories and improve your social life by being a part of a community-type group like clubs and societies.


Having a routine and the ability to plan your job, social, and extracurricular activities is a necessary life skill. You can learn how to combine your personal and professional lives by joining a club or society at school.

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