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The dinosaur-themed Kim Keat Avenue Playground is located in front of Block 27, Kim Keat Avenue, and is not an old landmark. The Teapot and Mushroom playground at Woodlands and the seahorse and swordfish sculptures at Marine Parade were all projects undertaken by Hong Hai Environmental Art Private Limited in 2000.

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The Kim Keat Avenue Playground features a 3m-tall brown tyrannosaurus with five white eggs by its side and a smaller tyrannosaurus, likely its child.

Dinosaur Statue Playground at Kim Keat

Kim Keat Avenue Playground 

The pair of dinosaurs was founded in 2000 by sculptor Hong Hai Environmental Arts. Hong Hai Environmental Arts get located behind the dinosaur playground at Woodlands Street 81, built-in 1997, three years before the dinosaur sculpture by Kim Keat Avenue Playground. At the Woodlands Dinosaur Playground, elements such as slides and tunnels get incorporated into the design of the dinosaurs. The dinosaur statue playground at Kim Keat Bow adopts a different trick. The dinosaurs in Kim Keat do not combine any playground elements but mainly help to provide visual interest.

The largest of the two brown dinosaur statues stands upright. It is contrary to conventional wisdom how large predators are portrayed today – with their upper body leaning forward and their tails in balance. The Upright position of the statue reflects the old view that these creatures once stood up like Godzillas and roamed the earth – and adds a little strangeness to the sculpture.

The mouth of the rising dinosaur has terrible teeth. Its small T-Rex arms get set in front of its body. Second, you can see the small dinosaur next to the Big dinosaur. The Arms get carved to lean forward as they touch the floor. It looks like a collection of five dinosaur eggs on the back of a Large dinosaur.

Kim Keat Avenue Playground Area

Have fun at the playground.

Previously, the Dinosaur Statue Playground had a Small green stegosaur playground next to the dinosaur sculptures. This play equipment gets modified to a substantially larger one with a slide, activity panel, and climbing handholds. The Dinosaur Statue Playground is a fun addition to Toa Payoh–Kim Keat’s collection of fun playgrounds, including the Old School Animal Playground.

Restaurant near Kim Keat Avenue

Soek Seng Bicycle Cafe 

The Soek Seng 1954 Bicycle Cafe has a bicycle-themed decor. Poon Kang Joo, an excellent artist, created the entire concept for this eatery. Many delectable alternatives from Japanese, Western, and local cuisines are available on the menu.


The MM BBQ Pan is one of the best affordable places to dine near Kim Keat Road, known for serving Asian, Indochinese, and Thai cuisines at Low prices. A lunch here costs roughly INR 600 and offers some of the best value in the country.

Lee Tai Fu

The Lee Tai Fu restaurant, located along Kim Tian Road, is well-known for serving some of Singapore’s best western dishes. This location is ideal for both family and friends. What’s more, there’s something on the menu for everyone, all pairs well with their famous alcoholic beverages.

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