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What to Know About Kolam Ayer Community Club

The Kolam Ayer Performing Art Cultural Troupe comes to mind (KAyPACT). KAyPACT, which consists of 40 dancers from various cultures, is directed by a trio of choreographers: Mr. Ranjit Singh, Ms. Mazlina Buang, and Ms. Cindy Loh. They collaborate to create dance routines that KAyPACT performs. In honor of many cultures, KAy PACT has produced a special fusion dance called Unity In Diversity with the help of the talented dancers from the Kolam Ayer Community Club (CC)—the Bhangre D Sitare, the Atrika Dancers, and the Chinese Cultural Dance Group.

Kolam Ayer is home to the majority of the dancers in KAy PACT. Their ages range from eight to thirty-six. They work out together at the Kolam Ayer Community Club every Saturday. Since the 2000 formation of the group, several of them have been a part of KAy PACT.

An Elvis fan club with monthly meetings is in Kolam Ayer. When they join this interest group, followers of the late Elvis Presley will undoubtedly have something to discuss. In addition, the CC provides well-liked classes in Pilates, Bhangra dance, and belly dancing. For individuals who want to learn Punjabi drumming, there is also a Dhol course.

Popular Courses offered in this Community Club


Traditional martial art and workout that promotes good health, taijiquan is a product of ancient China. The unification of internal energy (qi), continuous movement, centering, rootedness, and calm awareness are all principles of Taijiquan, encompassing a wide range of diverse styles. Taijiquan not only improves health but also cultivates spirituality and gives the student skills in self-defense.


The Japanese martial art of aikido gets developed by Morihei Ueshiba and depends on the ideas of universal harmony. The objective is to overcome the undesirable traits that reside in one’s mind and prevent it from operating normally. It incorporates effective self-defense techniques from sword and spear fighting, jujitsu, aikjutsu, and other traditional martial arts. 

It highlights the concentration of ideas and actions and the mental capacity (qi). Aikido with a connected mind and body, as well as qi exercises, breathing exercises, and meditation, will be taught to participants.

Mooncake Making Workshop

The Mid-Autumn Festival’s traditional must-have treat is mooncake. It is a symbol of family gatherings, and its flavor evokes the sweetness of congratulations. This holiday learns how to create your mooncakes with family and friends in the comfort of your own home. Then what? You can personalize the flavors and ingredients to your preference while enjoying the company of your loved ones and taking in the full moon while sipping on a cup of Chinese tea. The ideal gift for your loved ones is a box of homemade mooncakes lovingly produced with the best wishes and what it most critically does.

Phonics and Reading for Students

This course focuses on enhancing the students’ recognition of phonics (alphabet sounds) and their ability to connect phonics to words and sentences. Students will learn the phonics fundamentals and get helped while they read passages and stories.

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