Labrador Park MRT

by | Jun 7, 2022

Labrador Park MRT

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All About the Labrador Park MRT Station

Labrador Park MRT Station (CC27) is an underground station along the Circle Line (CCL) Stage 5, which is near the boundaries of four planning subzones: Telok Blangah Drive, Pasir Panjang 2, Maritime Square, and Port. It is at Telok Blangah Road and Labrador Villa Road.

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The Labrador Park MRT Station has two platforms in an island configuration. The air-conditioned station is isolated from the subway environment by full-height platform screen doors, boosting passenger safety and station experience. The concourse extends around the platform, producing an enormous interior area with an open sense. The passenger information systems provide train arrival times, and critical notifications are on plasma panels at each station. The tactile floor guides visually challenged passengers from the platform to the station exits.

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The Concourse on Basement 1 includes automatic fare collecting entrance doors and connects the toll and non-toll portions of the station, with at least one two-way swing door for the convenience of passengers with wheelchairs, those moving bulky objects, or those traveling with baby carriages. General ticket machines sell single and multi-journey tickets, contactless card transactions, and refill machines. The station office serves as the Passenger Service Center, where travelers may make travel queries during business hours.

This artwork investigates the concept of stability among several living beings, each of which is difficult and dependent on the others. Labrador Park MRT is an example of this commitment to achieve urban development and the natural environment balance, ensuring Singapore’s ecological future. Chong’s paintings contain components. The primary theme is a tiny picture of a single rock spotted at the park, emphasizing Labrador Park’s unique identity as Singapore’s sole remaining rocky sea cliff.

The second part is impossible for encouraged by employing one of literature’s most-minimum forms of haiku. The frequent use of haiku in nature strengthens the central theme of these works. The artwork invites commuters to reflect on prime themes designed as a monument, discovering interconnection and greater understanding of them.

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Civil Defense Shelter:   

The Labrador Park CCL station is one of eleven Circle Line stations classified as Civil Defense (CD) Shelters, activating them in the event of a national disaster. Planning and supplying the stations with features to guarantee the accommodation atmosphere. It is comfortable for all refugees staying aside from the reinforced construction. The amenities provided are armored protection doors, decontamination facilities, ventilation systems, electricity, water delivery systems, and a dry toilet.

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Nearby location:

The Labrador Park MRT station is 578 meters away from the Labrador Nature Reserve. The road distance is 792 meters. Without a car, the best way to go from Labrador Park MRT Station to Labrador Nature Reserve is to take the line 408 bus, which takes 2 minutes and costs 55 170. There is a bus that runs directly from Opp Blk 3B to Cp A. Services are provided every 30 minutes and are available 24 hours a day. The travel takes about 1 minute. SBS Transit bus services from Labrador Park MRT Station to Labrador Nature Reserve arrive at Cp A station.

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