Labrador Park Playgrounds

Mount Faber Park

Labrador Park Playgrounds: A must See Location

Two playgrounds are available at Labrador Park. Because both are sand-based, bring your spades and shovels to help the youngsters dig!

Near the Red Beacon is the first playground. It’s a nice spot to visit early in the morning because it’s well-shaded and there’s a refreshing sea breeze. There’s a lot of sand, two see-saws, a roundabout, and two swings on this playground. The historical machine gun bunker employed as part of our coastal defense in the 1930s is one of the Labrador Park Playgrounds most fascinating features.

The second playground is Bigger and newer, including a climbing structure, slides, a fireman’s pool, and a newer 3-way see-saw!

Labrador Park Playgrounds Maze

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The Labrador Park Playgrounds must be one of Singapore’s most picturesque places, with beautiful sea vistas, rich greenery, and broad spaces!

Play Equipment

This Labrador Park Playground is noteworthy for another reason addition to its unique position. Towers, slides, and teeter-totters are features of modern playgrounds. There are none on this playground. Instead, there are three modernized reproductions of classic playground equipment. A metal merry-go-round can get found. The three hold bars on this old-school ride let kids keep their balance while spinning into a frenzy. In Singapore’s neighborhood playgrounds in the 1970s and 1980s, merry-go-rounds like these were common. Unfortunately, Tiong Bahru Park recently lost its last example of this type of merry-go-round (at least we were aware of it).

There are two see-saws in the Labrador Park Bunker Playground. These look more like the ones you’d see at a playground back in the day. A hardwood plank with handles on both sides gets used to create each see-saw. Riders may kick the ground and propel themselves into the air thanks to a fulcrum in the center. The impact of the rider colliding with the ground gets cushioned by a sand-filled tire. Mount Emily Park had the final set of such old-school see-saws, but they are long gone. The Labrador Park Bunker Playground’s swing set completes the trio of play equipment.

Labrador Park Playgrounds Climbing Pole

Play Bunker

The playground at Labrador Park’s World War II machine gun bunker is one-of-a-kind. Not only because of its unique location but also because of its modern take on classic playground equipment.

How To Get To Labrador Park

Taking the bus

The MRT station at Labrador Park makes getting to the park a breeze. Follow the signage down Labrador Villa Road, and you will arrive at the park and the Labrador Battery in approximately 10 – 15 minutes. You can also take the beachfront route by exiting the MRT at the back and walking through the park along the Berlayer Creek Broadwalk.


You can park in either Carpark A (closer to the top of the hill and the Tamarind Hill Restaurant) or Carpark B (far away from the top of the Hill and the Tamarind Hill Restaurant), next to the water and nearer to the playground.

Where to eat

The Tamarind Hill Restaurant (near Car Park A at the top of the hill) offers high-end eating, but that’s it. If you’re seeking nearby restaurants, go to Alexandra Retail Centre, which is also close to the HarbourFront-VivoCity belt.

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