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Know all About The Larkin Bus Terminal Terminal Bas Larkin

Larkin Bus Station is a bus terminal in the Malaysian state of Johor Bahru. The prime bus terminal in Johor Bahru, Larkin Bus Terminal, primarily serves intercity bus services to other regions of Malaysia and different local and cross-border bus routes. Jalan Garuda, Jalan Garoda 2, Jalan Garoda 3, and Jalan Kenlayang form its boundaries. The Larkin Bus Terminal Terminal Bas Larkin is now one of the largest bus terminals in Johor Bahru, with a three-level T-shaped terminal with a bay area for around 50 buses. The Centralized Ticketing System and #40; CTS, and #41; at Johor Bahru’s Larkin Sentral Bus Terminal have made it easier for commuters to purchase bus tickets.

This system was from December 2017 and allows all travelers to purchase bus tickets using the Larkin Sentral Bus Terminal ticketing system. The Larkins CTS is also linked to the reservation system for Causeway Link express bus services to all Peninsular Malaysian cities. The terminal system gets enhanced with smooth operations, such as an air-conditioned departure hall, ATMs, bathrooms, various F&B shops, and much more.

Local and cross-border bus services:

Please continue to the Gates 1-2 waiting area for local bus services inside Johor Bahru and local cross-border buses to Singapore. Air conditioning, chairs, and a departure time display are available in the waiting areas.

The Terminal:

Johor Bahru’s prime bus terminal and the primary arrival point for intercity buses linking Johor Bahru to the rest of Malaysia. A limited number of local and cross-border bus services also operate from the station. The two-story terminal building houses ticket offices, air-conditioned waiting lounges, bus company offices, a wet market, fast food outlets, currency exchange offices, and numerous other stores.

Because of the numerous bus lines, getting to Larkin Bus TerminalTerminal Bas Larkin is somewhat simple. JB Sentral serves frequent buses from JB CIQ (170, CW1, CW2) and JB Sentral Bus Terminal (various routes). P101, a free local bus service, runs between JB Sentral and Larkin (Bus Muafakat Johor cardholders only).Larkin Bus Terminal Gate 5

Available from Larkin Sentral:  

At McDonald’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Pizza Hut are available 24 hours a day on one of the first levels of the Johor Larkin Bus Station. This floor has shopping amenities as well as six ATMs. A lost and found office, a travel agency, a pharmacy, bathrooms, and an information desk are also available. The second level features a large open retail market, while the third level includes a food court and a mosque. On the first and second levels, there are full-service beauty salons.

Checkpoints for immigration:

Passengers can transfer to a new bus if the driver pauses at immigration checks in Malaysia and Singapore. Passengers must depart the bus and go through customs with their bags before reboarding the bus during these restrictions. Buses operate every 15 minutes or so.

Taxi Company:

There are several taxi ranks near the Johor Larkin bus terminal. Taxi drivers that do not utilize meters to avoid computing fares. These cabs typically charge far more than a metered taxi.

Larkin Bus Terminal Interior

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