Leng Kee Community Club

Leng Kee Community Club

Courses Offered in Leng Kee Community Club

Community centers and clubs are open spaces where people from the same neighborhood frequently congregate for things like socializing, participating in group activities, getting information out to the public, and other things. Leng Kee Community Club is one of Singapore’s top community centers among the numerous accessible in the city-state.

You may learn about the courses that Leng Kee Community Club offers here.

Chinese Dance (Children)

Over 5,000 years ago, the Chinese started dancing. Beautiful movements of the body, hands, and feet get used to communicating life events. Participants will learn the principles of Chinese dance as well as performance methods. Exercise will focus on balance, flexibility, and coordination.


The Morihei Ueshiba-developed global harmony principles are the foundation of the Japanese martial art known as aikido. The aim is to rid one’s mind off the detrimental traits that reside there and prevent it from functioning. It incorporates effective self-defense moves from sword and spear fighting, jujitsu, aikjutsu, and other traditional martial arts. It emphasizes the mental capacity increase and the concentration of thoughts and activities (qi). Participants will study aikido, which unites the mind and body, along with qi exercises, breathing exercises, and meditation.


A non-stop, aerobic blend of standing Pilates, boxing, and dancing challenge you to go beyond your comfort zone and leave you feeling lean, sexy, and powerful! Piloxing cardio fusion employs cutting-edge research and training techniques to burn the most calories, build the Leanest muscles, and increase stamina. The method combines Pilates’ targeted sculpting with the strength, speed, and agility of boxing for a unique workout. Weighted gloves are also used with these exercises to add muscle definition to the arms and improve cardiovascular health. Your muscle-toning, fat-burning Workout will leave you feeling physically and emotionally invincible when you combine it with explosive dance routines.


Participants can make various bread, buns, and rolls at home due to the course. In this session, you will learn how to create bread like a bakery from scratch with all the small details, tips, methods, and techniques that are crucial for baking the best bread.

Ballroom Modern (Adult) – Intermediate 

Trainers with professional qualifications will lead this Ballroom Modern (Adults) Intermediate course. It consists of the Waltz, Quick Waltz (Viennese Waltz), Tango, Foxtrot, and Quickstep. Participants will learn to sway, spin, rise, fall, and place their feet.

Chinese Essay / Creative Writing for Students

This course aims to help students become more proficient writers of Chinese composition. There will be group discussions to improve the student’s general knowledge. Additionally, they will learn how to create sentences, revise sentences, and use appropriate words and Proverbs.


Low Siew Bee

A diploma in teaching preschool education gets earned by Low Siew Bee. She has been instructing Chinese for more than ten years. She started working as a teacher at the RCs and CCs in 2006.

Leong Siew Yeng

Leong Siew Yeng is a certified Chinese dance teacher from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. She previously danced for the Singapore Phoenix Dance Group and the National Dance Company and represented Singapore in cultural exchange programs abroad.

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