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Need To Know About Leong San See Temple

A Buddhist temple called the Leong San See (literally, “Dragon Mountain Gate”) Temple on Race Course Road in the Little India neighbourhood. In 1913, Reverend Chun Wu founded the temple as Leong San Lodge in remembrance of the ancient Leong San Temple in the An Ping District of Fujian Province, China, which was devoted to Guanyin, the Goddess of Mercy. The lodge’s expansion began in 1926, and renovations followed in 1930, 1962, and 1970. The Leong San See Temple – Buddhist temple’s design was inspire a Chinese palace, and its roof decorated with dragons and a flaming pearl. Venerable Sek Kong Hiap (1901-1994), the temple’s previous abbot, founded the Leong San School nearby in 1925.

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The Leong San See Temple – Buddhist temple, whose name translates from Mandarin as Dragon Mountain Temple, had only a few huts from which the Reverend Chun helped sick people while Guan Yin lived in the main. Using supplies were supplied from China, the present temple built in 1926. The temple built with help from Tan Boon Liat, a well-known businessman and generous donor at time. Confucius depicts on the new altar, and many Chinese parents instruct their kids to pray to him for wisdom and filial piety.

Leong San See Temple Buddhist Wall 

There were intentions to construct a second temple close by in the 1950s, but Venerable Sek Kong Hiap realised that there was a more significant temple nearby. By 1954, the Leong San School had been erected on the grounds temple and provided free Mandarin instruction to students. The school, now known as Mee Toh School, was finally constructed there as enrollment swiftly increased. The school moved in 2004 and located in Punggol.  Guan Yin is the primary goddess in the Leong San Temple multiple other minor gods such as Mazu, Justice Bao, Cheng Wang Ye, Monkey King, Sixty Tai Sui, Sun God, and God of Medicine. In Singapore, at 371 Race Course Road, is where you can find Leong San Temple. Every day from 7:30 am to 5 pm is accessible to the public.

Overview of Leong San See Temple in Singapore

In Little India is a Buddhist temple called Leong San See Temple. This temple initially constructed in 1926 and honours Guan Yin, also known as Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara, the Taoist Goddess of Mercy. Translating literally to “Dragon Mountain Temple,” it is renowned for its elaborate, artistic roof sculptures and tranquil setting.

Ceramic figurines of dancing dragons, chimaera, phoenixes, humans, flowers and other Buddhist symbols are abundant on the painstakingly carved roof ridges. The wooden beam pillars and tiled roofs are examples of traditional Chinese architecture.

The Leong San See Temple was formerly known as the “Leong San Lodge” when constructed by Reverend Chun Wu at the beginning of the 20th century. The Mee Toh School, which was established next to the temple and now serves as the neighbourhood’s educational centre, once had a home inside the temple complex where a school held. Traditional vegetarian dinners occasionally to worshipers in the ancestral hall behind the temple.

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