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A reformed, fundamental, and separatist Bible-Presbyterian church called Life Bible-Presbyterian Church get situated in Singapore’s Central Region at Gilstead Road in the Novena Planning Area. It is the mother church of all Bible-Presbyterian churches in Southeast Asia and the first and oldest Life Bible-Presbyterian Church in Singapore. “Lifers” is the term used to describe churchgoers. The Rev. Charles Seet is the pastor. “Holding Forth the Word of Life” is the church’s motto.


The Life Bible-Presbyterian Church (abbreviated as “LBPC”) get formed by Timothy Tow, get appointed pastor of the Life Church English Service at Say Mia Tng Chinese Presbyterian Church on Prinsep Street in 1950. Tow and other members of the Chinese Presbyterian Synod formed the Bible-Presbyterian Church, which led to the founding of the LBPC in 1955. Life Bible-Presbyterian Church relocated to new facilities in 1963, moving into 9 & 9A Gilstead Road. On April 30, 1990, the purchase of 10 Gilstead Road was complete. The Bible-Presbyterian Church Synod get disbanded in 1988. However, the LBPC and other Bible-Presbyterian congregations are still active today.

Church Constitution:

We uphold the Westminster Confession of Faith in our church. Between 1643 and 1648 at Westminster Abbey, it gets authored by 121 Calvinist British men. The confession, along with the Shorter and Larger Catechisms, serves not only as a brilliant exposition of essential Protestant principles but also as a warning against erroneous doctrines and a manual of education. Each member should therefore make an effort to read, comprehend, and put into practice the concepts and uses included within. A constitution governs how our church gets run. It contains information about congregational meetings, elections, the church session, and other relevant topics. It also provides the church’s goals, doctrines, and organizational structure. Any potential member should be well-versed in the constitution and willing to abide by its tenets. For more information, kindly refer to the laws, a copy of which may obtain from the church office upon request.


Although the Far Eastern Bible College (“FEBC”) and LBPC share a building, they have a falling out on verbal plenary preservation (VPP). The FEBC claims that God has miraculously preserved every phrase. The infallible and inerrant words of Scripture are not found in the corrupted and rejected texts of Westcott and Hort, which form the basis of the numerous modern versions of the English Bible, but rather in the faithfully preserved Traditional/Byzantine/Majority manuscripts. It gets fully recorded in the Textus Receptus, also known as the Printed and Received Text, the basis for the Reformation Bibles best known for the King James Version (KJV).


The LBPC constitution states in Article 4.1 that “the church must be by the system generally referred to as “the Reformed Faith” as expressed in the Confession of Faith” adopted by the historic Westminster Assembly with the Larger Catechism and the Shorter Catechism.”

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