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Life Ladprao Valley Review

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Thailand property market has picked up pace over recent years making it an attractive real estate venture for both foreigners and locals. With increased foreign direct investments there is no better time to tap into the vibrant market, one property in particular that has caught the attention of many is Life Ladprao valley. In this article, I will highlight my thoughts and take about the property that will enlighten you whether to take the first step towards investing in the property.

Details about the development

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Life Ladprao Valley is a luxurious and latest condominium project, a joint venture development undertaken by AP and Mitsubishi Estate group. The freehold apartment is located in Paholyothin road Kwang JomPol Khet Chatuchak Bangkok.

The development has a site area of 5-2-45.5 Rai that comprises 44-floors and 1,140 condominium units and one shop. The project development will have a blend of studio apartments and 1-2 bedroom units.

The studio apartments will be (190 Units) 28.8 Sq. m, 1-bedroom (760 Units) 35 Sq. m, 1-bedroom Executive (38 Units) 37.0 Sq. m, 2-bedroom one bath (38 Units) 48.6 Sq. m, 2-bedroom two baths (38 Units) 57.8 Sq. m, 2-bedroom two baths (38 Units) 60.0 Sq. m and 2-bedroom 2 bath (38 Units) 66.5 Sq. m.

Check details on Life Ladprao Valley Floor plans

The residential condominium will have one building, 44 stories, one underground floor, and one mezzanine floor. The development will also have an estimated 482 parking lots excluding double parking and private parking lots.

Residential facilities will include a multi-purpose room, a rooftop swimming pool, a professional gymnasium, a mezzanine garden, sauna, and steam rooms, a yoga room, a library, a residents’ lounge, multi-living space and an active court for sports activities, residents will be treated to a life of luxury and chic living. The expected time of completion date is September 2021.

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Chom Phon, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900


April 2021

Site Area

Approx 5 Rai 2 Ngan 33.2sq. wah

No. of Units



AP (Thailand) Public Company Limited + Mitsubishi Real Estate from Japan

Project Location

Life Ladprao is located right at the heart of the up and coming Bangkok’s midtown that’s nearby Bang Sue Development Zone C Area; this strategic location will make it easier for future owners to commute to and from work.

Life Ladprao Valley Google Map Location

Life Ladprao Valley Google Street View

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Drive from Life Ladprao Valley to MRT Phahon Yothin Station


Life Ladprao Valley is a hub of travel and well-connected to the public transportation network, if you are traveling to MRT Phahon Yothin Station, it’s a 2-minute drive a distance of 400 meters when there is no heavy traffic according to Google Maps. If you are walking on foot, it’s a 5-minute walk over a distance of 400 meters on a shiny day.

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Drive from Life Ladprao to Donmueang International Airport

If you want to catch a flight out of the country, according to Google Maps it’s a 15-minute drive a distance of 14.3 kilometers to Donmueang International Airport via Don Muang Tollway, in case there is heavy traffic you can opt for a motorcycle which will take you about 18 minutes. If you choose for Suvarnabhumi International Airport, it’s a 25-minute drive a distance of 25 minutes if you are not in a hurry to fly out of the country. If you are using a motorcycle is a 45-minute ride according to Google maps

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Drive from Central Plaza to Life Ladprao Valley


For shopping lovers, Central Plaza Ladprao is just a 6-minute drive over 400 meters. It’s advisable to walk as it takes 6 minutes to reach the plaza to avoid the chances of being stuck in traffic especially during peak hours. If you are riding a motorcycle, it’s a mere 3 minutes ride.

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Drive from Life Ladprao to Kasemrad Prachacheun Hospital


In case of a medical emergency, it’s a 9-minute drive to Kasemrad Prachachuen Hospital over a distance of 4.9 kilometers according to Google Maps. If you are using the metro, it will take you 54 minutes traveling from Phahon Yothin station.

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Drive from Life Ladprao to Kasemrad Prachacheun Hospital

In case of a medical emergency, it’s a 9-minute drive to Kasemrad Prachacheun Hospital over a distance of 4.9 kilometers according to Google Maps. If you are using the metro, it will take you 54 minutes traveling from Phahon Yothin station.

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Drive from Life Ladprao Valley to Chatuchak Park

If you are headed to Chatuchak Park for some outdoor activities, it’s a 4-minute drive over a distance of 1.9 kilometers according to Google maps. However, if you are in the mood for a stroll, it’s a 25-minute walk if the weather is conducive.

Main selling points about the development

Bangkok rental market is thriving, Life Ladprao is predicted to gunner rental occupancy of more than 90%. With the increasing population in the capital, there is a thriving market with higher occupancy rate due to its proximity to the CBD making the property a catchment location for most working professionals.

Life Ladprao has a convenient location, an important feature which home buyers pay close attention to, the property’s strategic location to a variety of amenities that are a stone throw away ensuring all the requirements and needs of future residents are met and fully satisfied. Phahon Yothin MRT Station, Chatuchak Market, and Sripatum University to name a few are all within walking distance.

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One of the main selling points of the development is its freehold status, imagine the thought of never paying rent again. The freehold tenure will also enable you to sell off or rent your apartment unit; you will have total control over what to do with your apartment. It will also allow you to re-design your units to suit your taste and preference complementing your modern and urban lifestyle.

The property is close to upcoming infrastructures such as BTS Light Green Line North Extension (Mochit – Kukhot) that will be operational in 2020 and mega mixed-use project under planning stage on 48-rai of land nearby Supalai Park Phaholyothin opening up the area for further development.

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Possible bad points about the development

Its central location is a drawback regarding traffic snarl up and congestion, during peak hours it will be almost impossible to move especially for motorists. You will spend huge amounts of your time on the road that can inconvenience a lot your punctuality in the morning.

There is increased construction activities with property developments popping up along mass transit system increasing the supply condominiums in the market. Life Ladprao is located close to rail lines increasing competition the property will face once its officially launched from surrounding project development hampering it attractiveness and marketability.  

My thought about the development

Life Ladprao is priced below most new launched development prices in the vicinity making it an attractive investment property destination. It’s below rate market price at 3.49 MB (US$105,300, HK$826,400, SG$143,650, CNY696,300, Euro90,400) coupled with its magnificent design, Life Ladprao is affordable and will cater for various diverse and target groups who are looking for a home at the heart of Bangkok.

In my opinion, its location is the main draw, its proximity to MRT Phahon Yothin Station, MRT Phaholyothin and BTS Chatuchak no property can rival Life Ladprao when it comes to accessibility. The movement to and from the property will be hassle-free allowing easy and convenient traveling within the city and the rest of the country. 

Thailand especially Bangkok, has witnessed increased foreign visits especially those who want to settle in the country, the property is well positioned to take full advantage of foreigners looking for a property within the city offering huge benefits compared to other properties. Growing foreign demand will boost high capital growth and rental yield for both investors and homeowners.

The property terms of payment and ownership are very impressive; the government has passed policies ensuring taxation for both foreigners and locals are the same making the property an attractive venture and a ‘hot cake’ in the market. Mortgages are also available to foreigners attracting foreign tenant pool.

  • Pricing – 75%

Life Ladprao deserves the score; its average price per square meter of 125,000 Baht is quite affordable compared to most developments. Factoring its location, for that price, it’s an absolute steal, and you should not think twice about snapping up the property.

Chelk the details of Life Ladprao Valley price

The apartments payment schedule is simple and straightforward making it very beneficial to those who wish to buy the apartment units. Efficiency and transparency are at the core of this development.

  • Location – 70%

The property is well located, it’s a hub of lifestyle. All amenities are within a stone throw distance, the only thing that did not impress me the most is the largest shopping mall Siam Paragon is a bit far away from the property limiting shoppers.

The government is also undertaking infrastructural overhaul within the properties surrounding reducing travel time, enhancing accessibility and boosting higher than average Bangkok capital growth potential which averages 8% per annum as a result of infrastructural development in Ladprao area.

  • Quality -90%

The property has a unique and modern design made with high-quality construction, fixtures, and fittings sourced from highly rated manufacturers and supplier offering nothing but the best. Each apartment complex with an efficient floor plan, high ceiling and huge window panes allowing plenty of natural light and providing a scenic and beautiful view of the city skyline that’s to die for. I find the property is unique and modern comparing it to other developments within the city.

Read More about the Life Ladprao Valley Developer

Both AP (Thailand) Public Company Limited and Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd are well-respected and trusted real estate developers in their home countries with an established track record of developing residential and commercial properties that meet consumer satisfaction and health and safety standards.     

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