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Lorong 1 Geylang Bus Terminal Exterior

What To Know About Lorong 1 Geylang Bus Terminal

The Geylang Lorong 1 Bus Terminal, run by SBS Transit and called after the road it is next to, is located in the Kallang planning district, on the eastern side of Geylang. However, SMRT Buses, a rival bus company, also runs routes from this Lorong 1 Geylang Bus Terminal, which is situated next to the Kallang MRT Station.


Initially, the Lorong 1 Geylang Bus Terminal gets used as a rim parking lot. It was envisioned in 1975 as a park and ride terminal. Drivers could park their automobiles as part of the Park and Ride program, then use the City Shuttle Service to travel to the CBD. The services were available during peak hours every day (excluding Sunday) for 50 cents per ride. The Park and Ride Program, however, was not very well received. Low traffic led to the terminal’s conversion to a public bus terminal in 1988, when SBS Transit and Trans-Island Bus Services took over. When this station opened in 1998, Crawford Street Bus Terminal had already closed and had moved its bus services there. 

When SMRT Buses began replacing older DAF vehicles with newer ones, it gets reported in November 2015 that the terminal contained some of the last DAF buses remaining in service.

Lorong 1 Geylang Bus Terminal Facade


When the Geylang bus interchange gets built, it turned Kallang into a transit hub in the East where people would stop before traveling to other areas of the island, helping revitalize other facilities nearby. The Geylang bus interchange, formerly used as a fringe parking lot, now primarily acts as a point of arrival and departure for bus routes that start and end in the Geylang district. It provides access to the National Stadium, nearby shophouses, HDB (Housing and Development Board) apartments, Kallang Park Connector, and Kallang MRT Station within a 10-minute walk.

There are parking lots for buses that can accommodate rigid and double-deck buses inside the concourse of the Lor 1 Geylang Ter bus stop. The terminal is within a parking lot, and buses reserve the northern part of the lot for parking their buses and any private buses owned by their subsidiaries. There are numerous drivers’ lounges in the terminal amenities.

Top Features:

  • Places to park
  • portable restrooms
  • shops close by
  • Link to Kallang Park

Accessing Lorong 1 Geylang Bus Terminal

The Lorong 1 Geylang Bus Terminal is home to various bus operators and is reachable by many different means of Singapore’s extensive public transportation, including local buses and taxis. A seamless connection between the rail network and bus services within the terminal is made possible by the bus terminal’s connection to Kallang MRT Station along the East-West MRT Line.

Buses from other terminals can also be accommodated by the Geylang Bus Interchange’s bus services, which run several well-liked routes to exciting locations throughout Singapore. For planned and easy travel, ticket costs and bus schedules may now get evaluated online.

Singapore’s vast, modern, and well-maintained public transportation system is the most affordable and practical way to get around the city-state. The Lorong 1 Geylang Bus Terminal offers numerous bus services with various timetables that go to many places.

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