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Mandai Bus Depot

Mandai Bus Depot Singapore

CKnow More About The Mandai Bus Depot

A combined train and bus depot may found in Mandai, Singapore. While the bus depot used for the Sembawang-Yishun Bus Package, the train depot functions as the maintenance and control centre for the Thomson-East Coast line in Mandai Bus Depot. On the former site of Orchidville, the complex situates on a 32 hectares (79 acres) plot bordered by Mandai Road, the Seletar Expressway and Lorong Lada Hitam. On the Thomson-East Coast Line, the depot situates between Woodlands station and Springleaf station. It has three reception tracks: one track heading north toward Woodlands station and two heading south toward Springleaf station.


The depot’s development began at the end of 2012 after being first announced by the Land Transport Authority on June 16, 2011, and anticipated to be an at-grade facility. On Dec 11, 2012, Orchidville largest orchid plantation relocated to Sungei Tengah. In Jan 2013, the development of the depot started.

In October 2013, Jurong Primewide Pte Ltd received Contract T201 for the building of Mandai Bus Depot and its ancillary facilities, valued at S$329 million. Construction started in December 2013 and will finish in 2019. On Oct 18, 2013, Shanghai Tunnel Engineering Co., Ltd. received contract T206 for the building boring tunnels connecting Woodlands, Woodlands South, and Mandai Depot for a cost of S$421 million.


A rail administration building, stable yards, a test track, storage warehouses, and maintenance shops all part of the facility. The Operation Control Center (OCC) and Depot Control Center (DCC) for the Thomson-East Coast line will house in the administrative building. The East Coast Integrated Depot adds to the stabling capacity of the stabling yards, which can accommodate 90 trains. 11 trains can be maintained and serviced simultaneously in the workshops. To enable the TEL’s operation’ a 66kV substation will construct. According to the bus contracting model, the bus depot is located on top of the train stabling yard and offers parking and servicing facilities for at least 550 buses as part of the Sembawang-Yishun Bus Package.

Mandai Bus Depot Facade


To handle projected increases in Singapore’s bus fleet under the Bus Service Enhancement Programme (BSEP) and later the Bus Contracting Model, Mandai Bus Depot was constructed (BCM). The project started in December 2013 and finished in 2019. A bus parking area, refuelling and washing equipment and workshop for bus inspection maintenance and overhaul depot furnish handle, daily bus operations. The Bus Operations Control Center (BOCC), a canteen, and other amenities for Bus Captains are all located in the administration building. The Mandai Bus Terminal and Mandai MRT Depot, an integrated rail and bus depot that serves the Thomson-East Coast Line, are both located nearby (TEL).


In October 2013, Jurong Primewide Pte Ltd was given Contract T201 for the building of Mandai Depot, with a contract value of S$329 million. The depot’s construction finished in 2019 after starting in December 2013.

Mandai Bus Depot Escalator

Two entrances/exits along a spur of Mandai Road service Mandai Bus Depot; one is for buses the other only leads to the bus depot administration building. There is a different entrance/exit for the bus and train depots along the Mandai Lane slip road heading towards SLE (westbound).

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