Margaret Ville is located within the range of elementary, highschool and college education.

Margaret Ville condo education

As for schools, you will find anything within the range of elementary, highschool and college education. Just in Queenstown, you have the Queenstown Elementary School, Queenstown Secondary School and the international Anglo-Chinese School. If you are interested in a higher-level educational institution, there is National University of Singapore, Singapore Polytechnic, Anglo-Chinese Junior College etc.

Margaret Ville Condo Education 1

Margaret Ville Nearby Schools, within a 2km radius you have some of the best primary schools in Singapore, giving you easy access to education for your kid.

Margaret Ville Condo Education 2

Margaret Ville near Queensway Secondary School, a great options if you have teens, Margaret Ville offers an option for everyone

Margaret Ville Condo Education 3

Margaret Ville Near Queenstown Primary School, a perfect option for the children of the residents of Margaret Ville in Singapore.

Margaret Ville Condo Education 4

Margaret Ville near to New Town Primary School, another great option for your children’s education close to Margaret Ville.

Margaret Ville Condo Education 5

Margaret Ville near Gang Eng Seng Primary School, simply one of the best primary schools for the education of your children.

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