Floor Plan

you can also estimate the size of the bedrooms and bathrooms and the type of bed that fits inside a bedroom by checking out these floor plans

Margaret Ville Condo Floor Plans

This is the backbone of your home and it is vital that you are able to read it correctly so that you get a full insight into how your home will look like.

You can see the overall arrangement of rooms by taking a look at the bolded lines.

They represent the main walls of the condominium  and usually are used to separate the most important rooms of the condo.

Thanks to the bolded lines, you will also be able to have an image of the shape of the apartment.

Connection between the rooms is also what you have to pay attention to when you are observing the floor plan.

What you want to look for are the fine lines that usually interrupt the bolded ones.

Margarete Ville apartments are usually offering a direct connection between the master bedroom and master bath.

 If you chose a condo in Singapore  with a study room, there is also a chance that you`ll be able to enter it directly from the bedroom.

The plans are very accurately drawn and you`ll surely be able to see where beds, sofas, lights, stove, refrigerator and utilities will be.

For example, stove is represented by a square with 4 circles in it, for beds [email protected] see the rectangular drawing with pillows clearly outlined.

Wardrobe is maybe the hardest to figure out as it is represented just as a rectangle with random lines in it.

1 Bedroom

Margaret Ville Condo Floor Plan 1

Margaret Ville Floor Plans A1, again very well distributed even if it only has 1 bedroom, perfect for single people or a young couple without kids

1 Bedroom + Study

Margaret Ville Condo Floor Plan 2

Margaret Ville Floor Plans A2, this unit is perfect for a single entrepreneur as it counts with a bedroom and a work space.

2 Bedroom

Margaret Ville Condo Floor Plan 3

Margaret Ville Floor Plans B1, the smallest of the B category, still very well distributed and comfortable for you to live in

2 Bedroom + Study

Margaret Ville Condo Floor Plan 4

Margaret Ville Floor Plan B3, this unit has 2 bedrooms and a study space that you can turn into anything you want.

2 Bedroom Premium

Margaret Ville Condo Floor Plan 5

Margaret Ville Floor Plan B2, again with 2 bedrooms, this time without the study, meaning you can have a unit with the specific spaces you want

3 Bedroom

Margaret Ville Condo Floor Plan 6

Margaret Ville Floor Plan C1, very well distributed unit, it has a marvelous design while also taking advantage of the whole area of the unit.

4 Bedroom

Margaret Ville Condo Floor Plan 7

Margaret Ville Floor plan D1, biggest room in the building, it can easily accommodate a family of 5 having enough space for everyone.

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