Marina Barrage Waterpark


Thrill seekers to Love New Marina Barrage Waterpark.

The Marina Barrage Water Playground has a wading pool, colourful fountains, and water cannons that shoot out in all directions to keep visitors entertained. Marina Barrage, which opened in 2008, is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, so here’s a peek at its upgraded water playground.

Take a Bath or Shower

The Marina Reservoir was created by the Marina Barrage, a dam that spans the Marina Channel. In light of this fact, the Marina Barrage Water Playground is a kind of water-based amusement park that encourages some lighthearted fun.

Overview of the Marina Barrage Water Playground

The Marina Barrage Water Playground does not have any water slides or other amusements of the like. Instead, the emphasis is on water as a medium for play, and there are four distinct areas for children to enjoy themselves in the wading pool.

The Water Jet Tunnel

It is possible for children to run beneath an arching passageway at one end of a water playground.

Overview of the Marina Barrage Water Playground and the Water Jet Tunnel.

You may get to a square building submerged in water by following the reddish-brown trail that passes through the water jet tunnel.

Shelters in the Square Water

With a glass canopy, a latticework of shadows is cast over the ground in this square shelter. Marina Barrage’s Water Playground has a Square Water Shelter.

Its sides are covered with a waterfall of water. Two water fountains with spouts flank the shelter.

Fountain Plaza

Afterwards, you’ll find yourself in a “fountain square” at the Marina Barrage Water Playground. In a square shape, there are many water fountains.

Marina Barrage’s Water Fountains

They rise and fall in a fun manner, gushing up from the earth. If you enter the area while the fountains are low, you may quickly find yourself engulfed by the increasing water.

Play that fizzes

Toward the end of the water play area, there are some trees that provide shade. It’s a great place for toddlers to play in the water because of the gushing fountains.

Marina Barrage is a water park in the middle of the city.

The Marina Barrage Water Playground is a fun place for children to cool down and play in the water. It’s a demonstration of how much fun water can be had in the natural world.

Near Gardens by the Bay, the Marina Barrage Water Playground may be found near its southern end.

Hours of Operation for the Water Playground at Marina Barrage

On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, the store is open from 12.30pm until 9:00pm; on Saturday, it is open from 9am until 5pm.

When: 9 am to 9 pm on Tuesday; Thursday; Saturday; and Sunday

There is no charge to enter.

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