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Learn About Marine Cove Playground at East Coast Park

Marine Cove Playground at East Coast Park is virtually smack dab in the heart of East Coast Park and has always been a hotspot for visitors looking to relax by the beach or cycle through the park. In between sips and nibbles, you can take in views of the sea from a modern glass-and-steel building, with the joyous voices of children from the open-air playground filling the air. Marine Cove renamed in 2002 after being known as East Coast Recreation Centre in the 1980s. The building complex then included, among other things, a bowling alley, an arcade, and cafés with replica facades of the famous Lido and Odeon cinemas. Marine Cove Playground at East Coast Park was also a 24-hour McDonald’s was one of Singapore.

Marine Cove Playground at East Coast Park Indoor

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East Coast Park is a beach and park on Singapore’s southeastern coast, covering Marine Parade, Bedok, and Tampines, its doors in the 1970s.

Take Time To Enjoy Simple Pleasures

Marine Cove Playground at East Coast Park play equipment includes a rope bridge, climbing net courses, and a rock-climbing wall will appeal to adventurous five to 12-year-olds. This interactive children’s play equipment stimulates their senses while encouraging healthy competitiveness. Apart from the simple pleasures of flying kites, building sandcastles, cycling, and skating in East Coast Park, children enthral Marine Cove’s expansive playground.

It spans 3,500 square metres and is jam-packed with play equipment for kids of all ages, including swings, an 8-meter lighthouse-like tower with slides and a rope bridge, and a vibrant rock-climbing wall. 

Marine Cove Playground at East Coast Park Swing

Macs Has Returned.

Marine Cove Playground at East Coast Park, McDonald’s is back, and it’s bigger and better than ever! The dessert booth area and rollerbladers can stop for a short refreshment of novel cuisine products and high-tech embellishments. Cyclists and rollerbladers can now have a nice treat at McDonald’s more. Customers can choose from a salad bar (the first McDonald’s in Singapore to do so) and a variety of distinctive gourmet burgers, order using touchscreen menus, and charge their phones while they eat at this location.

Visit With Confidence

Visitors driving to Marine Cove will have no trouble finding a parking spot since the number of parking spots in the two carparks has increased from about 300 to around 430. It’s also a lot easier to get around Marine Cove, thanks to its well-connected network of footpaths, you to the F&B outlets, the playground, and the remainder of East Coast Park. Cleaning up after a day of sunbathing is also a breeze, thanks to the new stand-alone public toilet facility, which includes toilets, sinks, and shower facilities for young children.

Discover New Things In Your Area

At Diggersite in Raintree Cove, you may learn how to operate small excavators. You can find even more entertaining activities to do outside of Marine Cove! Not only children will enjoy operating small-scale construction machinery at Diggersite, which opened in February 2016, in neighbouring Raintree Cove. Teens and adults may dig holes and pick up stuff using small excavators and log loaders. Away from the rush and bustle of Marine Cove, it’s also a lovely, peaceful chill-out area to get a couple of refreshing cocktails and dine on robust international dishes.

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