Marine Parade Community Club

Marine Parade Community Club

All you need to know about  Marine Parade Community Club

The Marine Parade CC is impossible to miss because it is “clad” in a massive wall painting created on commission by Thai artist Surachai Yeamsiri. The “Texturefulness of Life” painting, which spans the curved north and east façade of the CC and is 63 metres by 12 metres, is a large installation artwork in Marine Parade Community Club in Singapore.

The Necessary Stage, the first artistic organisation to be housed within a community club, and the Marine Parade Community Library are both located at the CC. In addition, residents have access to a 263-seat theatre, a gathering space on the roof, music, study, and activity rooms. Visit the CC’s Heritage Center, which is on the second level, to learn more about the rich history of Marine Parade.


The Marine Parade Community Club was erected in the early 1980s and later known as the Marine Parade Community Centre, previously stood on the site that has since recovered. The People’s Association (PA) announced plans to invest S$9.56 million in 54 community centres and clubs were over ten years old in March 1995. These upgrades would include adding amenities like lifts, dance studios, karaoke rooms, and multi-purpose air-conditioned activities rooms to make the centres more user-friendly. The offices and reception areas would also be open concept. Goh Chok Tong, prime minister at time, instructed PA to research the idea of community centres sharing space with other civil users such libraries, governmental buildings, and commercial developments in June 1995.

Municipal Library of Marine Parade

The Marine Parade Community Library, which established on November 10 1978, was once situated in the Marine Parade Housing Estate’s town centre before moving to its current location in the community building. The library is the only one constructed on reclaimed ground and the second-oldest public library in Singapore. It began transferring gradually to the community building in April 2000, and Goh Chok Tong formally launched it on May 28. The Marine Parade Community Library is Singapore’s first public library to share space with a social club and an arts organisation. An NTUC FairPrice supermarket built on the former site of the library.

Design Theory

The Marine Parade Community Building, which is situated next to Housing and Development Board apartment buildings on the Marine Parade Housing Estate, might be viewed as an effort to involve the larger neighbourhood. The community building’s events designed to flow into one another and come together as a family-friendly one-stop shop.  The building’s deep congruence with its numerous programmes is portrayed architecturally as a mosaic of different parts. The structure the local architectural firm William Lim Associates used various materials and forms to reflect a postmodern pluralist philosophy. 

Wall painting

Surachai Yeamsiri, a Thai architect, was commissioned to create a large wall painting for the community facility. The mural is a large installation piece of art in Singapore and measures 63 by 12 metres (207 by 39 metres),paint on the curved north and east façade of community building. Various materials, including glass and wood, were used in the artwork was titled “Texturefulness of Life.” The centrepiece of the piece of art is a tiny mosaic arrangement that, when put together using computer-aided design, resembles a massive human eye plastered on a wall.

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