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Marsiling is a neighbourhood in Woodlands, Singapore, and it borders Malaysia from north of Woodlands Square to the Woodlands Checkpoint. It displays the more traditional Singaporean living styles; it is a quieter and denser estate, frequently providing a more affordable and spacious alternative to other housing alternatives. It is home to many elderly and heavy-duty enterprises.


The Government of Singapore proposed a plan in the late 1990s to modernise older Housing and Development Board apartment buildings by installing updated elevators that serve every floor – of each building, an extra room at the back of each apartment, and other improvements. Housing prices increased as a result of this. Growing in Marsiling is the international resident population.

The Marsiling Mall Hawker Centre, which opened only last December, is where we are today while visiting the north. It has 90 hawker booths, many of which were relocated there from the defunct Woodland Town Centre hawker Centre.

Marsiling Mall Shops

About The Stores 

The black carrot cake from Hua Li is possibly the greatest I’ve ever had. With the flavour of wohei, the cake is tender and practically melts in your mouth. The black sauce is barely sweet enough to mask the carrot’s natural fragrance.

Many of you have Yan Kee Sesfood soup in other Spore locations. Fresh, delectable fish and prawns are available. The soup, which is flavorful and thick, is best. They might improve the flavour by adding a little wine. The pork in the soup is unnecessary and flavourless.


If you like Mui Kee porridge, where the grains get cooked until they melt in the porridge, you shouldn’t eat Xin Heng Kee. Clumps form in the grains. What is nice, though, is the porridge’s natural sweetness, which does not originate from MSG. Also fresh are the ingredients. The pork, sliced fish, intestine, century eggs, and cuttlefish in the trademark bowl are a massive value for the $5 dish.

Sin Heng Kee, a congee expert, establishes a new location at Marsiling Mall. Not just any congee, but the incredibly goopy, thick variety that can only get produced after several hours of boiling. Congees with fish, pig, century eggs, frog legs, and other ingredients are readily available. You’re unsure. Choose the $5 Signature Porridge, which includes all the ingredients. An egg gets included in each bowl of porridge. Make sure to properly combine everything so that the yolk flavour permeates every bite of the porridge.

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Hong Mee

The Hokkien mee served here was tasty, but I’ve eaten better. Not that it was unpleasant, but it was a little bit too dry for my tastes. However, there were a few prawns for $5, and the chilli was spicy.

Salad You Tiow 

Every time I go for local seafood, I must get this because I’ve enjoyed it since I was a kid. I had to give this one a try, of course. It was perfect, but it’s only good when it’s warm! Crispy, doughy you tiow with a fish-paste filling that is soft and gooey.

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