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Marsiling Park

Marsiling Park pavillion

Everything You Need to Know Marsiling Park

Marsiling Park, formerly known as Woodlands Town Garden, is located in Singapore’s northern region, directly behind the traffic of Woodlands Checkpoint. This newly remodeled Marsiling Park offers a variety of new activities and amenities to suit the needs of visitors of all ages.

Meta Description

Marsiling Park provides a variety of amenities for guests of all ages. The park’s amphitheater/activity plaza provides big places for community events.


The Woodlands Town Garden, with its 11 hectares (27 acres) of beauty and atmosphere, first opened its doors in 1983. This park’s design is remarkable and combines Chinese and Malay influences in its amenities. The Sungei Mandai Kecil river, which flows through the park, was designed specifically for it. The park’s big river gets extended into a lake unevenly formed to give it a natural appearance. In July 2016, the park was closed for upgrades by complaints from surrounding neighbors. On April 29, 2018, the park reopened under Marsiling Park.

Marsiling Park playground

Park Features

The gorgeous ribbonscape, which acts as a play corner for youngsters and resting space for parents or adults, is one of the best attractions inside this park. The swing sits on top of a little hill with bushes and trees in the background, and the benches are Brightly colored.

Playground with a Butterfly theme
It is also one of the top attractions inside the Marsiling Park with a climbing rope in the shape of a butterfly. It is appropriate for children aged 5 to 12. They’ll enjoy a more exciting experience with more physically demanding activities. It also offers a playground designed for children aged two to five years old, with various play equipment, including interactive Play and musical equipment, that encourages children to use their imaginations.

 Marsiling Woodlands Neighbourhood 2

Viewing Tower
The viewing tower, a three-story tower that overlooks the spectacular view of the Marsiling Park pond, is a must-see attraction for anybody visiting Marsiling Park. Along with the Amphitheater, located near the park’s far end.

Bridge for pedestrians
Take a stroll along the footbridge while admiring the stunning view of the Marsiling Pond. The shelter area, as well as the pavilion close, provide opportunities to sit and rest.


Marsiling Park viewing 

Area of Boardwalk
You can also stroll along the boardwalk and observe the various species of fish that inhabit the Marsiling Pond or rest and relax on a nearby bench while admiring the pond’s beautiful scenery.

The Amphitheater hosts a variety of events and activities
This park features an activity or amphitheater area that serves as a venue for musical performances, events, and other special activities. The park is estimated to house 250 people, making it ideal for various community meetings and concerts.


Marsiling Park guide


Marsiling Park Directions

Public Transportation
Alight at Marsiling MRT station, which is the closest train station.
Take Exit D and walk for approximately 10 minutes down Woodlands Centre Road to the Marsiling park’s main entrance.
Alternatively, you can take Bus No. 856 from Marsiling MRT station to the main park entrance, where you will Alight two stops later.

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