Marsiling Primary School

by | May 26, 2022

Marsiling Primary School

Marsiling Primary School Logo

Everything Should Know About Marsiling Primary School

Every child matters at MPS because they think Marsilian can learn, lead, and serve. The school gets dedicated to developing responsible learners and compassionate leaders and their learning dispositions and attitudes so that they can Learn for Life. It gets accomplished through various curricula, learning experiences, and school-based programs spanning all topics.

The Marsiling Primary School place a strong emphasis on instilling values, character, and social-emotional skills in their students. Students develop a Growth Mindset by the school principles R3.I.C.E (Respect, Responsibility, Resilience, Integrity, Care, and Excellence).

Distinctive Programs and Services 

The development of the 21st-century Marsilian learner in Marsiling Primary School gets driven by school-based curriculum innovation, values-based holistic development, teacher capacity enhancement, and school-home linkages.

Through service leadership, they hope to instill the R2IC2E fundamental values in every Marsilian and foster active citizenship. Student and service leadership are central to the school’s Character and Citizenship Education program. ‘LEAD to Serve@MPS,’ a student leadership program, focuses on helping students enhance their ability to lead and inspire others. Students participate in collective action as part of the ‘Green Citizenship’ program, where they learn to care for their school and the environment with their peers.

The school has created milestone programs in academic and non-academic sectors to help students develop strong learning fundamentals, develop their abilities and interests, and prepare for the future. Some examples of such programs include:

Champions@Math – as students progress through the levels, they are given problem-solving strategies and get challenged to work on more complicated problems.

Junior Science and SUPER Experience – provide lower primary pupils with basic scientific knowledge and abilities, foster their curiosity, and stimulate their interest in science.

 Readers Theatre – through engaging and learning activities and performance opportunities, kids’ confidence and reading fluency increased.

Effective Communications Skills – seeks to help Marsilians become more capable communicators and bilinguals.

Art and Music Masterclasses – providing a venue for spotting talent and nurturing Marsilians’ enthusiasm for the performing arts.

Subject-Based Banding

Subject-based Banding (SBB) allows children more flexibility by choosing from various standard and foundation subjects based on their abilities. It enables a child to concentrate on and stretch their abilities in the topics in which they excel while also strengthening the fundamentals in the subjects they require further assistance.

Events Conducted

  • Lower Primary Showcase
  • Overseas Cultural Learning Journal
  • Childrens’ Day
  • Admirable
  • Joy of Learning
  • MTL Symposium
  • National Day 
  • Green Citizenship Symposium
  • Joy of Reading
  • Curriculum Workshop for Parents

School Crest 

The school crest incorporates the school motto, ‘ILmu Suluh Hidup’ (Knowledge Illuminates Our Lives). Blue symbolizes a serene and harmonious environment, and white denotes morality and good character. The four interlocking rings signify a diverse, close-knit school community. Padi stalks represent the effort and hard work required to achieve achievement. The star symbolizes confidence that every student can succeed and that education (represented by the pen) will pave the road for students (represented by the torch).

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