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The real estate market in Singapore in this moment represents an incredible opportunity for investment because after several consecutive quarters in recession, the market prices are rising again, giving great developers the opportunity to build incredible projects in Singaporean Land.

Singapore Condos are often times very luxurious inside their units and a lot of them have many incredible facilities. Fewer of them have amazing locations as this is a much less available resource, being honest, landing a great location might be the hardest part of starting a project.

Even if many developments gather one or two of the most important aspects that make them attractive for investment, very few of them reunite all the characteristics of a great condominium in Singapore.

The Clement Canopy and 26 Newton are some of the very limited number of projects that combine a great location with an incredible design and a huge amount of facilities. These kinds of projects represent a great opportunity for investment in Singapore as the profit is prone to rise because of the high demand on land in the island at this moment.

Martin Modern Project Details

Project Name Martin Modern
Address Martin Place
Developer Guocoland / First Bedok Land Pte Ltd
Tenure 99 years
District D09
Site Area 15,936.1 sqm (171,535 sqft)
Gross Floor Area 44,622 sqm (480,307 sqft)
No of Blocks 2 Blocks
No of Storeys 30 Storeys
No of Units 450 units
No of Carpark Lots Estimated 450 Lots
TOP 31-Dec-21
Consultants Master Architect – ipli Architects, Project Architect – ADDP Architects Landscape, Designer – ICN Design International



Starting PSF


Expected TOP

Starting Price

Starting Size (sqft)


Martin Modern Condo 2



Invest In Martin Modern With Confidence

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Since Singaporeans are becoming wealthier year by year, the demand on land is becoming higher; this creates a need for amazing projects to make the citizens feel secure with their investments. The Martin Modern is one of these amazing projects; it is an incredible condo with amazing features and a new concept that is more than certainly going to make your profits go through the roof if you decide to invest on it.

There are only a few Martin Modern Condo reviews, so by all means utilize this one as a way for you to inform yourself before investing in this amazing property.

Martin Modern condo is located at the corner of River Valley Close and Martin Place; it is currently being developed by one of the “property gurus” called GuocoLand. With this project, GuocoLand placed the top bid for the private housing site just this past year. The project is being developed in a site area of 15, 936.1 m², and has been leased for a 99-year period.

The design of Martin Modern also puts into consideration exclusivity and privacy with a lush undulating terrain for the affluent class. The development is a status symbol which a home for living and entertainment of your guest. Martin Modern also comes with smart home features across different layouts and sizes that provides city or garden views.

Martin Modern also represents a rare large site of land located at the prestigious orchard district where there are considerations to maximize the internal views at the lower levels of the development. There are also plans to utilize the odd corners of the development using landscaping.

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The Cheapest Condos In Singapore

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Cheapest Condos PDF will allow you to obtain information about the best affordable properties in Singapore.

This PDF also shows you the Condos in a convenient list, so you can look at them individually in a easy way.

Need a reason to invest in the Martin Modern?

Investing in Martin Modern condominium is not only a safe choice but a really smart one because this is one of those projects that are bound to be great. And we can determine this just by looking its concept.

Martin Modern prestigious location makes it a tempting option for sharp investors as, as we’ve said before, location is one of, if not the main reason to invest in a Condo.  Since location is not the only thing that is key for investment we have to look at the other aspects such as amenities, which have become a priority for owners of condos as more often than not they just want to make their lives easier, Martin Modern is able to provide that as it is located near key malls and retail stores as well as good schools and expressways.

Martin Modern Condo 5



Hurry Before They Are All Sold

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For a lot of people, the second most important characteristic to take into consideration when investing in a condo is the view. The Martin Modern offers you two incredible views to choose from. You can either decide to buy a unit facing the city, or you can choose one facing the Singapore River.

The reasons presented before are more than enough to at least consider investing in Martin Modern condo in Singapore, after reviewing those reasons, then you can dive into the other aspects such as unit space, appliances, space distribution, etc, which are also important but Martin Modern provides with no issue.

Is this investment suitable for anyone?

If you have the money, go right ahead and invest in this project. Anyone that has a bit of an investor’s spark inside themselves will think of putting their money in this development. This project is basically suit for anyone but it will certainly catch the attention of the sharpest investors whether they are Singaporean or not.

I would even recommend this project if you are doing your first investment in this area, because when you look at the features, the location and all the reasons I listed before, Martin Modern provides them all, which means that your Return on Investment is sure to be high.

If this is your third or fourth investment, you should already know Martin Modern condo is a solid opportunity and you don’t need any help to realize that the money you put into a this project is going to be well invested money.

Investing beyond the Condo/Investing in the area

When investing, you should not only look at the Condo, because a good Condo in a bad area is not a good condo.

Investing in Singapore is certainly a good way to “put your eggs in several baskets” as the real estate market is very stable at the moment.

The area surrounding Martin Modern is very desirable, and it can be proven by the amount of bids that several major developers made to acquire a plot of land near Singapore River District.

Martin Modern slope that shows how the layers of terrain are utilized, it makes it more adventurous and beautiful to the eye.

The reasons so many developers are interested in this area are firstly, the plot of land is huge and spacious, giving the owners the capability to provide amazing scenery and room for outdoor activities; second, it has incredible landscaping potential, which makes any condo more valuable as more investors are going to be attracted by the design, and third, having such a great amount of space gives developers the opportunity to build incredibly spacious units, which is most of the time what the majority of the clients desire.

Construction Progress

The Martin Modern condominium reviews show that the project is already building in progress; it will have two blocks of unit, one north and the other south of the terrain. The north building will be 30 stories high and the south one will be 20 stories high with a total of 450 units. It will also feature 450 parking slots and 75 bicycle parking spots. When finished it will feature views both, to the city and the sea, as well as lush landscapes in the surrounding area. The Martin Modern TOP date is expected to be by the third quarter of 2020.

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Can you wish for a best location?

The Martin Modern address is located in the prestigious area of District 9, more specifically located in Martin Place, near Orchard Road; River Valley; and Killiney, which are the busiest centres of this area.

Orchard Road is known as one of the most common spots in Asia in the shopping department, but River Valley is a completely different matter, it lets you take part in the high-class neighborhood.  

Martin Modern provides you with easy access to all major MRT lines (including North East and East West Line) and being connected to the most important parts of Singapore is certainly an advantage that few condos can provide.

Martin Modern is located right in the heart of the city and near to Great World City MRT. It is also located near to many bus routes along River Valley Road and Havelock Road.

This development offers a great numbers of amenities nearby, making the lives of the owners incredibly easy as most of the things they need are within walking distance. The neighborhood of Martin Modern Condo contains plenty of shopping malls, supermarkets, and grocery shops such as Singapore Shopping Centre, Great World City, UE Square, Robertson Walk, Liang Court as well as the Orchard Shopping Belt.

Another advantage of the Martin Modern location is that some of the most prestigious primary schools in Singapore, such as River Valley Primary School, Alexandra Primary, and St. Margaret’s Primary are within a few minutes’ walk from the property. There are also secondary and integrated schools, parks and green zones are also nearby, which makes access to a healthy life much easier.

To put the final nail in the coffin, and convince you to invest in this project, the Martin Modern, besides all those amenities we mentioned before, also has incredible recreational attractions. One of the most famous is the Marina Barrage, where tourists and locals can enjoy adventurous aquatic activities.

Martin Modern D9 Condo Martin Place River Valley Close, Martin Modern location is one of its advantages, and on this map you can see just that as it is located inside District 9 and close the River Valley which are some of the most developed areas inside the country.
Martin Modern Condo 10



And Be Like A Investment Guru

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Martin Modern Condo Location, in this map you can see where the most desired land parcel is located, you also can see that it belongs to the Martin Modern and is incredibly well positioned to provide every need to the residents of the Martin Modern.
Martin Modern Map for you to check the location of the condo and everything around it, including roads, bus stops, MRT stations, important areas and buildings.
Martin Modern 5 Minute walk from Great World City MRT Station, an easy way for you to move around Singapore, just a short distance away from your condo.
Martin Modern 13 minute walk to Great World City Overhead, as you can see Martin Modern is very close to the Great World city overhead; with just a 1km walk you can reach your destination.

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Condos That Are Near To Popular Schools

This PDF is especially useful for people with children and students as it will allow them to find incredible Condo’s located less than 1km from the top schools in Singapore.

This PDF will essentially provide you with a list of the most reliable Condos located near one or several good schools along with organized information. This information will go from location to transportation, which are the main things one looks for when looking for a Condo near a good school.

Amenities, a must in Martin Modern

Amenities have become a very important factor when determining where to invest, as people most of the time, are looking for comfort. Having numerous and various amenities within walking distance is an advantage for the Martin Modern residence, such amenities range from grocery stores to incredible recreational facilities, covering every spectrum of anyone’s needs, from food to fun.
Martin Modern Close to Shabestan, an incredible Persian restaurant that is just within walking distance from the Martin Modern, in case you feel like eating outside.

Condos That Are Near to MRT Stations

Transportation is a big issue when looking for a Condo in Singapore as it is one of the most important aspects people take into consideration.

Downloading this PDF will allow you to get a detailed list of the best condos located at walking distance from MRT stations, this will help you save time both when searching for a condo and when you live in it.

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Site Map Of Martin Modern Project

In the Martin Modern site plan you can observe how well the area is distributed, and where in the terrain the buildings are located. You can also spot most of the facilities as well as determine which building is most suitable for your needs.

You can also see how big the area is and where the buildings are facing (in case the afternoon sun might bother you)

Martin Modern Site Plan with Facilities, here you can observe and locate every facility in the area as well as determine the unit blocks location, you can also see the streets surrounding the property.
Martin Modern Aerial View, this is an aerial view of the plot of land on which the Martin Modern Condo is going to be located, here you can observe its shape and size and the buildings surrounding it.

Martin Modern Floor Plan

The floor plan of the Martin Modern will show you the incredibly optimized space distribution. In here you can spot how many bedrooms and bathrooms each apartment has, as well as any other feature inside the unit you might deem important, like for example if it has a kitchen or a kitchenette.

The Martin Modern Launch date is yet to come, so you can use the floor plans to study the features you need from the condo, before even setting foot inside the building.

Martin Modern features several types of units, ranging from 2 bedrooms to premium 4 bedroom units, for the buyers that might be looking for something a bit more spacious. The Martin Modern penthouse does not exist, instead, they opted for a new concept and decided to develop roof gardens accessible via private and public elevators, these will allow the residents of the Martin Modern to enjoy beautiful scenery and intimacy in the roof of their own building.

In the Martin Modern floor plans, you can also see that dual key units are available. A dual key unit is a single unit that is meant to be subdivided into 2 different living spaces.

Martin Modern Condo 19



Make Your Selection From Choice Units

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2 Bedroom

Martin Modern Floor Plan 2 Bedroom Stack, in these floor plans you can see if the 2 bedroom apartment works well for you as you can see where everything is located and how it is distributed.

2 Bedroom + Study

Martin Modern Floor Plan Type B3S 2 study 883 sqft, a different type of unit, this time it features 2 bedrooms with a study, perfect for a couple with a kid as they can use both bedrooms for resting and the study to keep working at home if needed.

 3 Bedroom Premium

Martin Modern Floor plan Type C5 PL 3 Bedroom Premium 1399 sqft, this is one of the premium units featured inside the Martin Modern Condos, here you can see the huge space as well as its distribution.

3 Bedroom

Martin Modern Floor Plan Type C3 3 Bedroom 1087 sqft, a bit smaller than the last one but it still have everything you need to live comfortably inside the unit, as with the last one, you can also utilize this floor plan to study what you like about the spacing.

4 Bedroom Premium

Martin Modern Floor Plan D1 PL G 4 Bedroom Premium 1701 sqft, another type of 4 bedroom premium unit located in a different part of the block, this one also features incredible space distribution as well as the open concept but it has its own twist regarding the space distribution.

4 Bedroom Premium

Martin Modern Floor Plan Type B3S 2 study 883 sqft, a different type of unit, this time it features 2 bedrooms with a study, perfect for a couple with a kid as they can use both bedrooms for resting and the study to keep working at home if needed.

Comprehensive List of Penthouse in Singapore

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The penthouses featured in this PDF are certainly the best, but that doesn’t mean they are the most expensive. With this PDF you will find out which penthouses are really priced at their value. It will help you save time when looking around for penthouses.

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Martin Modern Developers

The Martin Modern developer is First Bedok Land Pte Ltd (subsidiary of GuocoLand Limited). Guocoland is a high end regional company focused on the property area that operates in several countries’ markets such as Singapore, China, Malaysia and Vietnam. Its main office is located in Singapore, and the main business activities of GuocoLand and its subsidiaries (“the Group”) are property development, property investment, hotel operations and property management.
Martin Modern Developer view, here you can observe how the other buildings pale in comparison to the Martin Modern, you can also see the façade and how it behaves when the sun of the afternoon is hitting it.
GuocoLand has won several awards and their developments are 100% of the time distinguished by quality, innovative designs and concepts.

Martin Modern Unit Mix

Layout Type Estimated Area (sqft) No of Units
2 Bedroom  820  150
2 Bedroom + Study  880  90
3 Bedroom  1,050  90
3 Bedroom Premium  1,300  60
 4 Bedroom  1,800  60
 Total  –  450

Pricing for the Martin Modern units

Depending on the unit size and number of bedrooms, the Martin Modern prices vary. They go from $1.71 million for a 2 bedroom apartment to a maximum of $4.05 million for a 4 bedroom premium unit. The rest of the Martin Modern price list is displayed below.

The prices per square feet (psf) of Martin Modern in Singapore range from $2600 to $2800 depending on the seller.

There are still plenty of Martin Modern units available, so try to buy one while there are still many, because as the number of units reduce, the prices might rise just because of the demand.

Layout Indicative Price Range After 5% Early Bird Discount
2 Bedroom $1.8M – $1.96M $1.71M – $1.87M
2 Bed + Study $1.93M – $2.08M $1.84M – $1.98M
3 Bedroom $2.12M – $2.46M $2.02M – $2.34M
3 Bedroom Premium $2.88M – $3.18M $2.74M – $3.03M
4 Bedroom Premium $3.86M – $4.26M $3.67M – $4.05M

The units of the Martin Modern are still not available for rent as the project is not finished yet. The Martin Modern rent will be open at the proper time so it is better to wait if you want to invest on it for income or if you want to rent it for a living.

Martin Modern Condo 27




Grow Your Portfolio With The Clement Canopy

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Price ($)


Bedroom + Study


Price ($)




Price ($)


Bedroom Premium


Price ($)


Bedroom Premium


Price ($)


Easy Payment Schedule Of Martin Modern

Payment schedule for The Martin Modern is as follows:

Booking the property & Signing of Sale and Purchase Agreement 

Afrer booking

you will have to pay a 5%booking fee (Cash/ Cheque) and the Option to Purchase (OTP) will be granted.

The “Developer” will then mail the Sale and Purchase (S&P) Agreement to your banker’s solicitor or to you.

3 weeks

After receiving the S&P you will have to check the date in it as you will be given only 3 weeks from that date to proceed with the S&P.

Within 8 weeks

from the day the option money is paid, you will have to pay the remaining 15%.

You can use your CPF to pay for this and any remaining shortfall will be paid for by Cash.

It is very important that you understand and write down this schedule especially if your CPF does not have enough to cover the amount needed to prepare the necessary Cash if it’s necessary to pay a shortfall

Sales Completion Date 

Also you should remember that this amount will depend on your LTV (Loan To Value), e.g. if your LTV is 70% then the balance amount to be paid is 25%, 15% to be paid on exercising day, balance 10% will be paid by progressive stages

(Example foundation work completed).

Stamp Duty (3% less $5,400, Cash/CPF outlay) | Additional Stamp Duty (% of the Purchase Price)

Stamp Duty

Within 14 days of signing the S&P agreement (or within 30 days if the agreement is signed overseas), you will have to pay the Stamp Duty (3%) / Additional Stamp Duty (5% – 15%) (Cash/CPF outlay) to IRAS (Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore).

Progress Payments using Housing Loan

From this point onwards, you can start using funds from your housing loan, which can be up to 80% of the purchase price.

The tenure of the loan can be up to 30 years, depending on your age. You will have to make payments as follows:

  • 10% upon completion of foundation work (Estimated 6-9 months later from work commencement)
  • 10% upon completion of reinforced concrete framework of unit (Estimated 6-9 months later)
  • 5% upon completion of brick walls of unit (Estimated 3-6 months later)
  • 5% upon completion of roofing and ceiling of unit (Estimated 3-6 months later)
  • 5% upon completion of electrical wiring (without fittings), internal plastering, plumbing and installation of doors and window frames of unit (Estimated 3-6 months later)
  • 5% upon completion of completion of car park, roads and drains serving the housing project (To be advised)
  • 25% upon receiving Notice of Vacant Possession and Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP), and the last 15% upon Completion Date, when you receive your CSC (To be advised).

The Clement Canopy will certainly be one of the most beautifully designed properties in Singapore, featuring incredible looks and environmentally friendly functionality as well as an advantageous location and proximity to transport.

On top of that we can add the caliber of its developers UOL and SingLand which will certainly make sure that the property is as high end as it needs to be to have a place inside their impressive portfolios.

When Clement Canopy is finished it will most likely be a candidate to win an award for design and sustainability as well as for having zero negative impact in its constructions zone, which in turn will increase its market value and help smart investors secure their profit.

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Why you should invest in this project now

For starters, the simple best reason to invest on this project now, is because as we have seen in the Martin Modern review, not a lot of condos in Singapore have been constructed in the desired District 9; making the demand in this particular area incredibly high, also remember that 13 other developers tried to acquire the same plot of land where Martin Modern is being developed, which means many other developers see potential in this specific area.

The second reason you should invest in this project in this very moment is because it is still not finished, meaning you still have chances of buying a unit before Martin Modern TOP is reached, which means prices might be a little lower, which in turn maximizes the profit margin of your investment.

The third reason you should invest in this project now, is because you will be seen as a visionary after the project is finished. Since it has a new concept, some investors may detract themselves from buying before Martin Modern launch because it’s outside of their comfort zone so they’ll wait for other people to invest first. But remember, the things that require no risk, often yield no reward, yet there’s no big risk on investing in this project because the site plan, the developer’s name and the pictures can easily ensure that the project is going to be successful.

The fourth and final reason for investing in Martin Modern right now has something to do with a phrase that we said in the previous paragraph, “new concept”, Martin Modern features a new concept of an incredibly huge land area with only 2 blocks of building; this is done so that there’s space to include lush gardens and incredible facilities. In fact, the Martin Modern condo in Singapore will feature a botanic garden with more than 200 species of plants and 50 species of trees, this is certainly an unusual feature that no other development has included before and can certainly be the best selling point for the simple reason that people like unique characteristics in everything they buy. People always want to separate themselves from the rest, and the Martin Modern is certainly the opportunity to invest based on that reason.

Martin Modern Gallery

Martin Modern top view showcasing the incredible roof gardens each block is going to have, definitely a completely new concept that is certain to catch the eyes of the smartest investors.
Martin Modern swimming pool view showcasing one of the most intimate spaces in the area. Surrounded by nature, this swimming pool is a peaceful location that will be appealing to the people who just want to take a rest.
Martin Modern Singapore, in this map you can see the exact location of the Martin Modern property as well as the roads and some amenities that surround it, MRT stations are also visible as well as the river which offers an incredible view to some of the units.
Martin Modern Showflat, this picture features a fully furnished 2 bedroom unit from the Martin Modern condos, as you can see it has incredible design and luxury mixed with some smart home features.
Martin Modern Showflat, from this angle you can see part of the open concept kitchen which merges with the living you and the balcony at the end to offer a continuous flow through the whole apartment.
Martin Modern River Valley Primary School, one of the most prestigious schools in Singapore located within 1km radius from the Martin Modern Residences, giving you easy access to the education of your children.
Martin Modern Reception Lounge, the first thing you see when you enter the building. With this incredible landscape ahead of you it is extremely easy to fall in love with the Martin Modern Condo.
Martin Modern Pool, the biggest pool of the Martin Modern complex, it features lush gardens surrounding it as well as a beautiful cascade at the end, certainly a calming environment suitable for when you need to think about important matters.
Martin Modern Party Lawn, perfect for when you want to have plenty of friends over, you can utilize this lawn to throw a party and impress your friends with the incredible features that the Martin Modern has to offer.
Martin Modern Maze, if you thought that gardening and landscaping couldn’t be fun, here is the Martin Modern proving you wrong, it features an incredible maze made of bushes for if you want to play some games with friends (hiding), or if you simply want to take some time alone.
Martin Modern Living Area featuring a nice view of the next block along with an incredible space that mimics nature in order to give you the ultimate comfort experience, decoration and lightning are certainly a concern for the developer at the time of building the Martin Modern.


Martin Modern Kitchen, with an island design that makes it very spacious and well distributed, the kitchen features the best and most modern appliances as well as the highest quality materials in order to make you feel incredible even when you are cooking.
Martin Modern Guocoland Singapore, developed by Guocoland, the Martin Modern is going to be one of the most prestigious condominiums in Singapore, from the district to the kitchen appliances; the Martin Modern offers the highest quality in every aspect.
Martin Modern Ground to Top view, this is a privileged view from the Martin Modern buildings from the bottom to the top where you can pinpoint every detail of the façade design and you can see how tall each building is.
The Martin Modern Ground Living Area, this is one of the many common areas that the Martin Modern features, you can use this area to make relationships with your neighbors or to spend a day with your family outside your unit.
Martin Modern Ground Dining, if you want to eat in a different place without even leaving the complex, the Martin Modern offers you an incredible space where you can also spend time around with your neighbors and even eat with them as this is a common area.
Martin Modern Great World City MRT by Guocoland, the incredible upcoming MRT station less than a minutes’ walk from the Martin Modern, featuring a design comparable to that of the Martin Modern Condos.
Martin Modern Garden lawn, a beautifully designed lawn surrounded by gardens with a little fountain in the middle, a place that can be considered special if you enjoy taking walks alone or with a significant other.
Martin Modern Garden Area, a part of the botanic garden that features more than 200 species of plants and 50 species of trees, certainly useful for biology students, or if you enjoy learning about nature or taking interesting walks.
Martin Modern Garden, another view at the path through the incredible botanic garden built inside the Martin Modern, a unique feature that no other condo in the world has.
Martin Modern Forest Trail, a look of the amazing Forest Trail located inside the Martin Modern area; here you can go through this trail either by ground or by utilizing the bridge to experience the same path in 2 different and incredible ways.
Martin Modern Facilities, Infinity pool. This is the incredible infinity pool inside the Martin Modern Condo; the edges of this pool merge with the horizon, giving you the sensation of a never ending pool.
Martin Modern Facilities, Dining Pavilion, very useful when you have friends over and want to have a meal outdoors, it also has a lawn besides it in case a picnic sounds like a good idea for you.
Martin Modern Facilities, Arrival, this is certainly a beautiful scenery that receives you when you arrive everyday from work. It will also impress any friends or family that you bring over to your home.
Martin Modern Dining Room, one of the most beautiful common areas featured inside the Martin Modern, it doesn’t matter who you bring here; they will certainly be impressed by everything this area has to offer.
Martin Modern Dining Lounge, an incredible area that allows you to rest after you had your meal, here you can spend time talking with family and friends right after you’ve enjoyed a delicious meal.
Martin Modern Day View, an incredible day view of the beautiful Martin Modern Condo.
Martin Modern Car Lobby, this is where your car waits for you when you are going out, you can see it is also in harmony with the rest of the complex, having gardens and wood around the whole area.
Martin Modern Bamboo Grove, another part of the amazing botanic garden, this picture demonstrates the variety of species that the Martin Modern offers inside its greatest garden.
Martin Modern Article Welcome. This is part of the Martin Modern Brochure, where you can observe different aspects of the building; here you can see all the decoration is on point and the spacing flawless.
Martin Modern Article Celebrate Festive, Martin Modern design is amazing even for celebrations; this image showcases what you are able to do when you wish to celebrate something.
Martin Modern Aquatic Garden, another part of the Martin Modern Incredible garden, this time it showcases a variety of water species that add an incredible effect to all the decoration around.
Martin Modern 50M Lap Pool, if you enjoy swimming in laps, or you are training for a swimming event, the Martin Modern Condos offer you an incredible 50m swimming pool in which you can do everything we just said.
Martin Modern 4BR Premium Master Bedroom, this will also be available at the Martin Modern showflat location, where you will be able to walk around and see a decorated unit.
Martin Modern 4BR Premium Wet Kitchen, if you show up at the Martin Modern showflat address you will be able to see this design inside one of the 4 bedroom premium units.
Martin Modern 4BR Premium Master Bathroom with bathtub, also available at the showroom but in case you are not able to make it there, you can also visit the Martin Modern Virtual tour and check everything inside a unit from the comfort of your home.
Martin Modern 4BR Premium Living Room and Dry Kitchen and Dining, thanks to the open concept, you can see in a single picture, 3 different areas destined for different purposes.
Martin Modern 4BR Premium, this is the view of the unit from one of the balconies, you can see the space distribution is perfect and everything fits flawlessly inside this spacious unit.
Martin Modern 3BR Premium Master Bedroom, well designed with enough space to fit a king size bedroom, it is certainly attractive to most clients and investors.
Martin Modern 3 BR Premium Living Room, it is very spacious and well illuminated thanks to the great balcony next to it.
Martin Modern 3BR Junior Master Bedroom, whether is for your child or for a guest, these bedrooms are incredibly comfortable to rest.
Martin Modern 3BR Premium dining, luxurious dining room for the residents of the Martin Modern, it certainly goes well with the whole design of the complex.
Martin Modern 3 bedroom premium, again with an open concept where you can see 3 areas merged into one space but separated by their functions instead of walls.
Martin Modern 2 BR study, perfect for working or taking a rest, this study is incredibly functional for busy people.
Martin Modern 2BR Open Kitchen, an incredible place to cook for your guests without having to stop talking to them, also perfect for bringing them on board and ask them to help you cook.
Martin Modern 2BR master bedroom, for you and your couple, you can comfortable fit a king size bed with no issues.
Martin Modern Living and Dining and Kitchen, one more time with an open concept that allows you to flow from one area to the other without any obstacles.
Martin Modern 2 BR kitchen, comfortable design with the best appliances, and great space to perform your culinary activities.
Martin Modern 2 BR common bedroom, a bedroom you can use to bring in a guest or for your child if you have one.
Martin Modern close to Water Taxi, if MRT or Bus is not your preferred mean of transportation, you also have a Taxi line close to Martin Modern.
Martin Modern 2 BR + study showflat, here you can see a well decorated 2 bedroom unit, with incredible design and space distribution.
Cus CBD Short Commute from your place in Martin Modern, for when you need to get to work as soon as possible.
Club House Martin Modern Condo, a place where you can have some fun with your friends and family.
Arrival Drop off point of Martin Modern, this is the first place you set foot on when you arrive to Martin Modern by car.
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