Marymount Convent School

by | May 26, 2022

Marymount Convent School

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The Distinctive programs offered in Marymount Convent School

The school strives to meet the needs of students and develop them holistically by putting the kid at the center. They provide a rigorous academic program supplemented by a broad and values-based co-curricular program. Both strive to provide Marymount Convent School students with the skills, traits, and 21st-century competencies they will need to survive and thrive after they leave school.

Character And Citizenship Education (CCE)

Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) is critical to a Marymount Convent School student’s overall growth and success. CCE 2021 approaches children’s development of values, character, and social-emotional well-being from a holistic and integrated perspective. The Student Outcomes strives to improve clarity on how core values get linked to social-emotional competencies and how students internalize and live out these values.

Learning for Life Program (Aesthetics)

Aesthetics for Grooming Cultured and Refined Ladies

The school’s aim of generating refined and cultured pupils, as well as its mission of holistically developing student’s full potential through the Aesthetics

Aside from polishing students’ artistic skills through involvement and active participation in many art forms, STAR also aims to develop good character in pupils. The implanted school values will act as a moral compass for the student’s development of life skills and better prepare them for the future by improving their 21st-century competencies, ultimately creating the students as confident and compassionate communicators of the Arts.

Learning For Life Program 

The school’s Sports and Outdoor Education modules aim to produce students who get healthy in body, mind, and spirit, preparing them holistically to face the challenges of the twenty-first century. The school’s Outdoor Education Programme (OEP) is a platform for values education and social-emotional learning that spans the three areas that are environmental awareness, personal mastery, and outdoor skills.

Week of Experimental Learning (WELL)

The WELL Program is a week-long immersive program focusing on self-discovery and VIA for students in grades 1-6. In the lower primary, the MCS girl participates in a 6-year thematic curriculum in which she learns about her specific abilities and the community. 

In the middle of primary school, she learns about her community, heritage, and culture. Finally, she realized that, despite her many talents, she needed to be grateful for what she had and use her skills to give back to society in upper primary.

Our Expanded Learning Experience (OELE)

Our Expanded Learning Experiences (OELE) is a comprehensive after-school program that exposes kids to numerous non-academic activities and experiences developing social-emotional and 21st-century skills. OELE’s goals are to instill life skills through interactive and engaging activities, encourage holistic physical and character development, and foster a love of learning.

Program For Active Learning (PAL)

The Primary Education Review and Implementation (PERI) Committee have launched a program called the Programme for Active Learning (PAL) to focus more on the soft skills development and social-emotional competencies in Primary 1 and 2. PAL gets designed to help students develop holistically in the moral, cognitive, physical, social, and artistic domains.

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