Amenities and Facilities inside Mayfair Gardens will include a swimming pool, gym and spa, BBQ pits, Jacuzzi, lap pool, dining pavilion, fitness and yoga, and a functional room….

This myriad of amenities and facilities all around makes Mayfair Gardens the perfect environment to share with your family and enjoy the very best of everything around you.

The Mayfair Gardens areas is one of the most beautiful and well developed areas in Singapore and there is a wide variety of recreational activities to do here from malls and shopping centers to park and restaurants; this area has it all thereby making it one of the best and most luxurious areas to stay in.

Shopping malls:

District 21 has some of the largest and best malls in the country making this place a shopper’s paradise thanks to the endless number of local as well as international brands and designers where you can shop to your heart’s content. see the Mayfair Gardens education opctions 
Mayfair Gardens Amenities 4
West mall is an 8 storey shopping mall and leisure center located very close to Mayfair Gardens and easily accessible via the Bukit Batok MRT station.
Mayfair Gardens Amenities 5
Beauty World center is located very close to Mayfair Gardens and is easily accessible from Mayfair Gardens via King Albert Park MRT station.
Mayfair Gardens Amenities 6
Rail mall is located very close to the Mayfair Gardens and is only a 12 minute drive; it is also easily accessible via the new Downtown line and the King Albert MRT station.
Mayfair Gardens Amenities 7
The Grandstand shopping mall is located in District 21 and situated in the same vicinity as Mayfair Gardens.


The area near Mayfair Gardens is full of endless dining options whether you are looking for something fancy and modern or some local delicacy; this place has it all.

Thanks to the endless line of cafes, bars, grills, and restaurants dining out can become a very convenient option in this area. There are many options to choose from such as:

  • The Fire Station.
  • Temasek Club.
  • Greenwood Fish Market and Bistro.
  • Ristorante Pizzeria Giuseppe.
  • Udders ice

… And many more like these.

Mayfair Gardens Amenities 8
Mayfair Gardens is located very close to Makan Simple which is one of the many shops that provide delicious food in the area.
Mayfair Gardens Amenities 9
Mayfair Gardens is located very close to Spice World Hotspot which is one of the many restaurants that provide delicious food in the area.

Super marts:

To meet the needs of the people for fresh fruits vegetables and other produce, there are quite a few cold storages, fair price shops and grocery stores in the area that provide all these things to the residents of the area.

Future residents will have access to the best and freshest produce the market has to offer thanks to the shops and vendors operating in the area.

Mayfair Gardens Amenities 13
A cold storage is located in the vicinity of Mayfair Gardens so that the areas residents always have access to fresh fruits and vegetables. 
Mayfair Gardens Amenities 14
A Fair Price shop is located in the Mayfair Gardens area so that the residents of the area have access to a place where they can find all the day to day items of need.

Parks and outdoor activities:

Although the whole Mayfair Gardens is very beautiful and green, there are some parks and natural reserves in the area where people can enjoy the peaceful, serene, calm and tranquil nature and take break from the fast paced routines.

These outdoor parks are a great way to spend the weekend with your friends and family or take a mid week respite from your hectic schedule and get close to the beautiful nature.

The very popular Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is in this area located a mere 12 km away to bring you away from the noise of the bustling city.

This reserve features one of the most diverse ecological systems by virtue of Singapore’s unique position on the equatorial belt.

Mayfair Gardens Amenities 18
Bukit Batok natural park is one of the most beautiful natural parks in the area and it is located a mere 6 km away from Mayfair Gardens
Mayfair Gardens Amenities 19
Another place to enjoy the outdoors is the beautiful Singapore’s Swiss Club.

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