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Mayfair Gardens Location

Mayfair Gardens is situated in Rifle Range Road, Singapore, which is Located in District 21.

Mayfair Gardens Condo Location

Location of a residential complex is a very important factor when it comes to the popularity and potential sales of the complex.

A good location does not only mean being located in a place that is beautiful with a nice view, but it means that the residence should be centrally located, it should all the necessary amenities and facilities all around and it should be easily accessible and well connected with the surrounding areas and districts. Chick Mayfair Gardens Wide Amenities

Mayfair Gardens condo are very centrally located in Bukit Timah in the heart of District 21 and has a myriad of important amenities all around it.

The above map shows the location of Mayfair Gardens and it shows that due to its central location it is easily accessible via the network of roads, MRT stations and buses and it all has most of the necessary lifestyle maintaining amenities all around it.
There are many factors which affect the demand and popularity of a residential complex. In the case of Mayfair Gardens, its central location is great plus point because:

  • There are many educational institutions nearby.
  • The area in which the Mayfair Gardens condos are built is one of the most posh and luxe areas surrounded by big houses and bungalows and a source of envy for people.
  • The area is well connected and accessible with many MRT stations within a kilometer of the Mayfair Gardens.
  • The area is a shopper’s paradise with a number of very decent shopping malls.
  • There are many recreational activities in the area which one can enjoy with friends and family.
  • There are many super marts and grocery stores nearby making it easier for future residents to get their hands on the required goods.
  • There are many high end eateries as well as affordable dining option in the area.
  • The residential complex is situated in an area which has great infrastructure in the form of roads, trains and the recent launch of the Downtown Line has only added to the list of faculties in the area.

Mayfair Gardens Google Street View

Mayfair Gardens Drone Video

Transport networks:

Transport and accessibility are two very important aspects that potential buyers consider before buying anything on the real estate market.

So for a residential complex to be well place and strategically located the developers need to take its accessibility to surrounding areas and the ready and easy access to proper transport such as MRT stations and buses is very important.

Mayfair Gardens is placed right in the center of the Bukit Timah area and it has access to a world class road network in the form of highways and expressways that link to the rest of Singapore as well as top notch transportation infrastructure in the form of trains, MRT stations and bus networks that are well connected to most of the important location in all of Singapore.

The above map shows the extensive transport system and infrastructure that is available in the area and all of it is located in very close proximity to the Mayfair Gardens residential complex.
Due to the transport services and extensive road connectivity of this area, this area will become the hub of economic activity and moreover due to the development of the Downtown line, the connectivity has further improved thereby enabling people to travel far and wide to and from this area.
King Albert Parl MRT is located very close to Mayfair Gardens, the two are only 450 meters apart which mean only a 1 minute drive and 5 min walk from the station to Mayfair Gardens.


King Albert MRT station equipped with the best and latest infrastructure is located in very close proximity to Mayfair Gardens.
The above Google maps image shows that King Albert Park MRT station is only a few short minutes walk from Mayfair Gardens.
Beauty World MRT station is located very close to Mayfair Gardens.
The above map shows how close Beauty World MRT is located to Mayfair Gardens.


The above Google maps image shows the Beauty World MRT station is located very close to Mayfair Gardens and the two are only a 15 minute short walk away.
The above image from Google maps shows that the Bukit Timah Expressway (BKE) is located very close to Mayfair Gardens, the BKE is accessible from Mayfair Gardens via PIE (which takes 8 minutes) and also via Dunearn Road (which takes 9 minutes)
The above image from Google maps shows that the Pan Island Expressway (PIE) is easily located only 6 minute drive away from Mayfair Gardens via Duneran Road.

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