Mayflower Secondary School

by | Jun 23, 2022

Mayflower Secondary School

Mayflower Secondary School Logo

Various Programs Offered In Mayflower Secondary School

Mayflower Secondary School is a secondary school in Ang Mo Kio that first opened its doors in1981, opened by Mr Lim Boon Heng, the then Member of Parliament for Kebun Baru. Every Mayflowerian Mighty in Thought and Deed is the school’s mission. Integrity, Commitment, Respect, Compassion, and Teamwork are the five characteristics of the Mayflower. Mayflower Secondary School is committed to working closely with parents and other stakeholders. Each student is motivated by a strong sense of purpose and a desire to learn more about holistic health, the arts, and health. 

Mayflower Secondary School

Student Leadership Programme

Student Leadership Programs are employed in Mayflower Secondary School to cultivate the Generous Spirit among Mayflowerians by expanding the inculcation of the principle of respect via celebrating differences and contributing to society with empathy.

There are three types of student leadership training programs: level-wide, school-wide, and focused. The Sec 1 Orientation and Sec 2 Cohort Camp are two examples of level-wide Student Leadership programs enhancing the Mayflowerian’s team-building skills. The program also focuses on educating students with four social skills to increase their communication and collaboration skills when working in groups.

Mayflower Secondary School Cadets

English Applied Learning Programme (ALP)

In the twenty-first century, the ALP seeks media as a communication platform. Students will refine their speaking and writing skills in numerous ways throughout the three-year program, allowing them to become competent communicators. Effective Communication (EC) at Mayflower focuses on language instruction providing students with lasting skills. They enable various opportunities for all pupils to improve their communicative abilities in real-life scenarios. For students to develop both creative and critical thinking skills, the EC offers a variety of authentic learning opportunities. The English Department and the Mother Tongue are the driving forces behind the EC’s level-wide programs.

Mayflower Secondary School Campus

Mother Tongue Applied Learning Programme (ALP)

Built on the students’ interests, the MTL ALP seeks to deliver learning experiences based on language skills taught in the EL ALP. The learning experiences get tailored to the students’ profiles and interests, with many platforms and possibilities to use the MT languages and code swap to put the skills learned in EL ALP into practice.

 Mayflower Secondary School Campus

Mayflower Secondary School 8

National Digital Literacy Programme

The National Digital Literacy Programme (NDLP) gets launched in March 2020 to make digital learning more accessible to all students by providing them with digital literacy skills that would prepare them for the future. MOE declared in 2020 that by the end of2021, every secondary school student school-prescribed personal learning device (PLD). 

The goals of the NDLP are to aid in the development of digital literacy, encourage self-directed and collaborative learning, and improve teaching and learning.

Mayflower Secondary School Classroom

Citizenship by Character Education

Citizenship by Character Education seeks to instil ideals and skills in pupils to grow into Mayflowerians who are reflective thinkers and engaged members of society. The core CCE curriculum is designed by a team of instructors with a future-oriented perspective, with life events and current challenges serving as learning settings. Students are more involved in co-designing these learning experiences since it encourages them to take a more active role in their learning and empowers them.

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