Montfort Junior School

by | May 26, 2022

Montfort Junior School

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More To Know About The Montfort Junior School

The school held activities the year to commemorate its 100th Founder’s Day. In 2018, the school completed PERI Upgrading. The Montfort Heritage Video, which has five components, was launched at the school. On Monday, September 16 2019, the Montfort Heritage Gallery reopened after undergoing renovations.

As an effect of December 15 2019, Mdm Poh Lee Siew has been named Vice-Principal (Academic).

Meta Description

The Founder, St Louis Marie De Montfort, Holy Innocents’ English School renamed Montfort School. Female students admitted to the school in 1961.

Programme Catholic

The Spiritual Committee dedicate to ensuring that Montfortians firmly established in Christ and the Catholic faith. Montfort Junior School aims they would develop a strong desire to help others and the community. Our devoted instructors and parent volunteers provide a variety of programmes, including:

The Living Faith Initiative is a programme that encourages people to live their (Religious Education for P1-6 students)

  • First Friday Masses and Holy Day of Obligation Masses
  • All Catholic students invited to attend a retreat.
  • Student Leadership Camp, Fundraising, and other ad-hoc community events are part of the Maundy Thursday para-liturgy (foot washing). 

Montfort Junior School Co-curricular Activities

We highly urge every student at Montfort to participate in a CCA since it serves to enhance school values, and we place a focus on character development.

CCA also allows him to represent the school in contests and Values In Actions VIA) projects as an individual or part of a team. Montfort Junior School believe a result of this exposure will become a more confident, resilient, and capable community members. We are glad to tell you that all Primary 3 to Primary six students will participate in CCA during curriculum time (Wednesday mornings).These are the CCAs that are available in Montfort at various levels.

Character And Citizenship Education In Montfort

Students learn values, social-emotional competencies, and life skills in our weekly Montfort Character & Citizenship Education (MCCE) sessions. 

Cyber wellness, Career Awareness, Sexuality Education, and Environment Education are examples of life-skills programmes where students can learn values. We also encourage the development of positive relationships between students and teachers during these lessons. 

Sexual Education

In schools, Sexuality Education (SEd) aims to help students understand the physiological, social, and emotional changes that occur as they grow older, develop healthy and rewarding relationships, including those with people of the opposite sex, and make wise, informed, and responsible sexuality decisions. It entails promoting happy, heterosexual marriages and stable nuclear families with the help of extended family members. SEd is taught and learned with respect for the values and beliefs of Singapore’s various ethnic and religious communities on sexuality concerns.

So, What Exactly Is MSPEX?

MSPEX is a comprehensive athletic excellence programme that aims to improve our athletes holistically and throughout sports. Fundamentally, the Junior School will begin by providing all kids with a broad-based exposure to a range of sports. Students may then follow their chosen field at a higher level based on their passion and aptitude. Then, with increased confidence and competence, our student-athletes will be methodically groomed and allowed to pursue their chosen sport at a higher level.

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