Mooi Residences Condo Review

Project Summary

️ Why You Should Invest in Mooi Residences

👍 It is developed by a well-respected developer
📍 It is a freehold residential development that is located in the heart of the urban metro
👍 It holds excellent potential for growth
🏫 There are plenty of reputable academic schools nearby
👍 There are spacious, luxurious and comfortable units to choose from
👍 Units feature superb layouts and have conventional home fittings
🏪 Shopping is a breeze with lots of retail shops and shopping malls surrounding the property
👍 It is just a stone’s throw away from important government offices like embassies
👍 It offers a great opportunity for rental yield

Mooi Residences

Mooi Residences is a brand new, luxurious residential condo that is situated at 139 Holland Road, at the former Chip Bee Gardens. The property features an exquisite collection of gorgeous, relaxing and spacious residential units that are created with a vibrant layout that will give owners a comfortable living experience for many, many years. Mooi Residence is a sought-after piece of prime real estate that is located on one of the more glamorous areas of Holland Road, it is set to be fully completed come the year 2024.

Mooi Residences bird view

Right from the get-go, the Mooi Residences wastes no time in trying to catch a prospective resident’s eye with its one of a kind architectural design and distinct layout. With the amount of emphasis the developers have placed on giving the Mooi Residences a look that will stand out on the island of Singapore, the property is sure to attract a lot of prospective homeowners and investors.

The Mooi Residences’ superb appearance is not merely isolated on the outside as the units the estate houses have a superb layout that offers space that will cater to the lifestyle of every kind of resident. Interested unit owners basically have nothing to worry about as they can choose from different bedroom numbers that will fit your entire family.

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With their choice of bedrooms that range from 1- to 4-bedroom units, interested homeowners will be assured of a remarkable living experience when staying at the Mooi Residences. Every resident will relish living in outstanding units that are not only lit up brightly by state-of-the-art lighting features but also by the elegant and massive floor-to-ceiling windows that offer a stunning view of the metro. In addition, every unit has also been fitted carefully curated amenities that will make what is already a luxurious life become even more comfortable. Simply put, living at the Mooi Residences will provide homeowners a residential experience fit for royalty.

The Mooi Residences makes sure that residents are welcomed in majestic fashion as they will see a massive arrival plaza to and from the estate. The residence also delivers a unique combination of tranquility and peacefulness in a modern and contemporary setting, setting it apart from the plethora of residential projects that surround the Mooi Residences. The developers have spared no expense in making sure that every detail you see here is impressive — from the spacious and meticulously-manicured landscape to the luxurious homes that are housed inside, the Mooi Residences will surely take your breath away, whether it is your first time to visit or the millionth.

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Location Map

The Mooi Residences is located at 139 Holland Road in the thriving District 10 of Singapore. This residential property offers unit owners every kind of convenience they will need with a bevy of businesses dotting the area.  Mooi Residences’ address on Holland Road is easily accessible through many different roads and pathways that include Queensway as well as that of Bukit Timah Road. This kind of access makes it very easy for residents to make their way to and from Mooi Residences.

Travel will be hassle-free if you are living at the Mooi Residences with the presence of numerous MRT stations nearby. These stations include the likes of the Dover MRT, the Holland Village MRT and the Botanic Gardens MRT.

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The location where the Mooi Residences is situated is also surrounded by several shopping malls that can provide residents with a delightful retail experience. Some of the more prominent ones include the Holland V Mall, the Rochester Mall and the Empress Market. There is also a fair number of recreational areas that will deliver loads and loads of wholesome fun like the Singapore Botanical Gardens and the Star Vista.

Mooi Residences 3D Mooi Residences 3D map

Mooi Residences expressway Mooi Residences expressway

Mooi Residences transpo

Mooi Residences transport

About Developer’s Background

Mooi Residences developer logo

Overseeing the development of the Mooi Residences is Wenul Development Pte Ltd, which was incorporated in Singapore in 2007. Wenul started off as a small private development that led the way for the establishment of the Chepstow Close, which was the company’s very first project. What started off as a modest company that employed a mere two staff members has since grown into a thriving company that plays a huge role in shaping Singapore’s skyline.

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Everitt Edge also developed by Wenul

Everitt Edge also developed by Wenul


The Mooi Residences offers residents exceptional comfort and convenience with the many different amenities that surround the residential property. Whether it is to satisfy their shopping, dining, and entertainment needs, there are plenty of amenities that can give residents what they want and need.

We have listed them all down below:

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  • Holland Village MRT
  • Commonwealth MRT
  • Farrer Road MRT
  • Botanic Gardens MRT
  • Dover MRT
  • Bukit Timah Road

Shopping Malls 


Recreational Centers


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Investment Opportunities

This prime piece of property also carries the wonderful opportunity to gain capital growth, making it an enticing prospect for savvy investors. And so, whether you are someone that is looking for a great home to put your roots down in or an investor looking for the next big thing, the Mooi Residences has a little bit of something for every single person.

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DMP Central Region Flyer English 10 3 DMP Central Region Flyer English 10

ST Graphics SERS Tanglin Halt Dawson 3 ST Graphics SERS Tanglin Halt Dawson

tanglin master plan 1 1 tanglin master plan

DMP Central Region Flyer English 09 3 DMP Central Region Flyer English

Near Schools

Mooi Residences nearby schools

If you have children and are concerned about where you are going to take them for a great education, you should not worry as there is a bevy of highly respected academic institutions surrounding Mooi Residences. We have listed them all down below:

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Residents of the Mooi Residences will not only enjoy having a roof over their heads and a bed to sleep in but also a wide array of facilities that will provide them entertainment and relaxation. First off is a 25-meter lap pool that you can use to either cool yourself off after a long week at work or do your routine laps in. Then, there is also a Jacuzzi for you to just unwind in and let all your worries get washed away in the water’s warmth. If you want to enjoy some time for yourself, there is a reading alcove where you can let your imagination run wild with your favorite book. If you want to gather your friends and family and bond over some good food, there is a BBQ area for you to do just that. Then, if you are a fitness enthusiast or an average joe that just wants to get a good sweat going, the Mooi Residences has an indoor gym that carries the latest equipment to make sure you will enjoy your daily workouts.

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Here is a complete list of facilities that you can enjoy if you are staying at the Mooi Residences:

  • Bicycle Lots
  • Water Feature
  • Infinity Lap Pool (25m length x 4.2m width)
  • Jacuzzi
  • Spa Pool
  • Pavilion
  • Sun Deck
  • Gym
  • Outdoor Fitness
  • Landscape
  • Gourmet Terrace
  • Open Terrace with BBQ

Site map/floor plan

will publish soon

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Prices Guide

The Mooi Residences is not just an exciting place that you can call home but also offers a reasonable price range that will compete with other similar properties.  For its alluring and luxurious design, functional layout, useful furnishings and close proximity to where the island’s heart beats, you just can’t find a property better than the Mooi Residences.

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Mooi Residences Review

One of the Mooi Residences finest feature is its state-of-the-art facilities highlighted by the top-notch security that makes me and my family feel safe and secure at all times. The natural features of the residence also give it a fresh vibe while still retaining a modern and contemporary look. It also is within easy reach of some of the best amenities and shops in District 10.

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