Moulmein Church of Christ

Moulmein Church of Christ

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Before relocating to 8 Tay Lian Teck Road (also in the Eastern portion of the island) in May 1956, the fledgling church held services and meetings in a rented shophouse along East Coast Road. Unexpectedly, Ira discovered a 10,274 square foot freehold parcel of historic residential property for sale on Moulmein Road in the middle of the island. Samuel founded the Boscombe Road Church of Christ in June 1968 after being expelled for having different political beliefs from Ira. American missionary Ken Sinclair, who founded the Bukit Panjang Church of Christ, received financial backing from Moulmein. The Woodlands Church of Christ now refers to it. The Moulmein Church of Christ structure needs to rebuild with the possibility of using the spaces to benefit the neighborhood. 


HeartBeat Singapore:

We provide coaching, training, education, and counseling to build families. We also invite notable speakers, including Mike Cope and Landon Saunders, to talk on public radio to share information about the family. Moulmein Church of Christ was founded in 2012 to use what we’ve learned from organizations like the Centre for Fathering and Friends of the Disabled Community to serve the community in fresh, original ways.

Centre for Fathering:

Through workshops, family camps, and other public activities, we have positively impacted more than 1.4 million individuals since we began (you may have heard of “Eat with Your Family Day”). Through appearances on radio and television, speeches at significant public gatherings, and training sessions for fathers in prison, CFF has reached out to fathers. To continue having a positive impact on equipping families for success, we are now expanding our service by training trainers.We give training and education in personal and work-life effectiveness to encourage joyful living and healthy family functioning.You can help married couples and struggling individuals by offering coaching and counseling.

Friends of the Disabled Society (FDS):

FDS encourages independence by providing professional options and opportunities for the impaired population to interact socially with both other disabled individuals and non-disabled people. Through the “Skills & Entrepreneurship Programme,” we provide our brothers and sisters with the tools they need to become skilled in various occupations. Additionally, FDS recently collaborated with college and polytechnic students to visit the seriously disabled and housebound.

Looking for the Moulmein Church of Christ’s closest station or stop?

Check out this list of stations that are most convenient for your location: Farrer Park (NE8), the Foot and Limb Design Center, the Norfolk Rd – Opp Carlisle Rd (50079), the Moulmein Rd – Opp Tan Tock Seng Hospital (50129), the Moulmein Rd – Natl Skin Ctr (50121), the Foot and Limb Design Center, and Newton (NS21|DT11). To get to Moulmein Church of Christ, use a bus, subway, or ferry. These are the routes and lines that have close stops:

  • Bus: 124, 131, 166, 21
  • North East and North-South lines in the metro


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