Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital

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Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital is a 333-bed healthcare facility in Singapore that opened on 2 July 2012. It is owned by Parkway Health, which is a subsidiary of IHH Healthcare Berhard Group.. About 30% of the patients are medical tourists. The hospital has an international reputation for its high quality care. It offers private medical suites ranging in size from 452 square feet (42.0 m2) to 1,431 square feet (132.9 m2) in size.

It is a great hospital to choose if you are looking for excellent medical care. The hospital is well-known for its excellent medical care and its unique approach to health care. The hospital has a wide range of services and treatments available, and it is known for its excellent patient care. The hospital also has a great team of doctors and staff who are dedicated to providing quality care for their patients.

Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital Singapore is a world-class hospital that offers excellent care to patients. The hospital also offers a wide range of other medical services such as rehabilitation, dental care, and mental health services. In addition, the hospital has a number of state-of-the-art facilities that make it an excellent choice for patients. It is one of the most well-known hospitals in the country, and it has been accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI) 13 operating theatres with separate space for cardiac, neurological, orthopedic and plastic surgery. The hospital also boasts a Day ward with 20 beds, which makes it well-equipped to handle any medical emergency. Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital is one of the best-equipped hospitals in Singapore. The hospital has a good reputation for providing excellent medical services and it offers a wide range of facilities, including a 24-hour emergency department.

It features more than 250 specialist physician suites that provide comprehensive tertiary care healthcare to patients from across the world. The hospital interiors have been designed to resemble a luxury resort, with calming natural light and beautiful views of the city.

Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital brings together the latest in specialist healthcare with its unique heritage and history. Situated on the iconic Mount Elizabeth estate, this state-of-the-art facility offers a wide range of services, including 24-hour emergency care, acute medical care, 1 hybrid theatre, surgery, maternity and child health services, along with an extensive range of diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities.

Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital recently Introduced a green initiative, for which they Were awarded a Green Mark Platinum Award from the Singapore Building a. The hospital is one of the first in Singapore to be awarded this prestigious accolade and has pledged to continue to champion environmental sustainability going forward. Their green initiative focuses on reducing energy consumption, implementing recycling programmes, and engaging in sustainable land management practices. Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre (MEMC) is a tertiary referral hospital located in Singapore that has been providing comprehensive medical care to patients from all over the Asia-Pacific region for over 40 years. MEMC’s strategic pairing of medical talents, combined with its location in one of the region’s most prosperous and developed countries, has earned the trust of patients from all over the region.

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