Mount Faber Park

Mount Faber Park

What to Do in Mount Faber Park

Mount Faber Park is a well-known tourist attraction that offers a variety of activities to guests, surrounded by a second rain forest. The park offers panoramic views of Singapore’s southern region and the southern islands from various sides of the hill. Mount Faber Park with a 360-degree panorama of the Major Area’s growing central business sector. Individuals and families who want to spend time outside can enjoy Mount Faber Park’s numerous attractive facilities.

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Mount Faber, formerly Telok Blangah Hill, is Singapore’s second-highest hill, with Mount Faber Park named after Captain Charles Edward Faber.

Things to Do

Southern Waterfront Sightseeing
Mount Faber Park draws nature lovers and ordinary tourists to the Southern Waterfront’s picturesque views to take in the breathtaking scenery. The Southern Islands, Singapore’s CBD, and the greatest walking paths in HDB Estates are among Mount Faber’s most popular tourist spots.

In the Southern Ridge, you can go bird watching.
More than 43 kinds of birds live in the rainforest area along the Southern Ridge’s slopes, making it a birdwatcher’s paradise. You can join a bird-watching tour to witness rare bird species in the woodlands of Forest Walk and Singing Forest. Bring your binoculars and camera with you to catch their unique motions.

Mount Faber Park peak

Guided Tours and Heritage Trails
Take a guided journey from Mount Faber Park to the Southern Ridge to learn more about the park’s natural history. It will be worth your time and money because your guide will inform you about the area’s local history and help you discover its hidden gems.

Use the Cable Car
The Cable Car is the only legitimate option if you’re seeking a novel method to get to Sentosa and want a ride with a view.
The cable car makes many stops, giving you access to some of the best views on the route. On the approach to Mount Faber Park, you’ll treat to breathtaking vistas of nature.

Observe a Merlion Baby
The Merlion is smaller than the other Merlions in Singapore, garnering it the moniker “baby merilon.” It’ll surely impress the kids, and with everything else on offer, it’ll be well worth the hike up to Faber Point.

Mount Faber Park carousel

Take A Selfie At The Happy Steps
The stairs aren’t just any old stairs; they’re Instagram-worthy stairs that you may have seen in a few images. Make sure your phone gets charged before taking a family photo. They’re known as “Rainbow Steps” since they come in different colors.

Walk On The Hilltop
From Faber Point, you may be able to see Keppel Harbour. While the views out to sea are lovely, don’t forget to look back. Mount Faber Park also provides a breathtaking view of Singapore’s urban environment.

Mount Faber Park view

Ring a Bell of Polish Friendship
It now sits in the garden of pleasant promises at Faber Peak. Visitors and newlyweds think that ringing the bell will bring them happiness, peace, and harmony for the rest of their lives.

A fence Studded with “Wishing Bells,” akin to “love locks,” is located near the Bell of Happiness. You can buy a “wishing bell” from the shop at the cable car entry, write down your wishes, and hang them on the fence if you wish.

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