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Mountbatten Community Club

Mountbatten Community Club

The Guide To Knowing About Mountbatten Community Club

The Mountbatten Community Club is located in a red-brick structure not far from the renowned Old Airport Road Hawker Centre. The centre provides a range of classes and interest groups. The Mountbatten Community Club is renowned for providing vegetables to underprivileged locals.

Montessori Phonics (Module 1)

The youngster will learn the blend of consonant phonetic sounds from A to Z. It has taken the first step toward early reading of brief phrases made up of phonetic words. The Mountbatten Community Club key phonograms will then introduced to him after that. The child’s reading abilities will be further developed with a focus on word construction and pronunciation clarity. Early comprehension instruction will be provided near the end of the programme.


A Chinese sport of self-defence called wushu. The skills of wushu are different fighting styles founded on ancient Chinese philosophy. Wushu aids in body development and strengthening. Participants will study the fundamental footwork, known as “zan ma bu,” the techniques for using a spear, a sword, and a staff in unarmed combat.

Benefits Of Community Club

Offers an opportunity to volunteer:

Numerous factors influence why people volunteer. Some people desire the chance to help others and take action (kindness is good for our health, after all). Some people need a break from their regular lives and find comfort in volunteering. There are always new people to meet sports participate in talents pick up. People get an opportunity to hone their confidence and sense of belonging through. Naturally, improving one’s skill set and employability is one of the motivations for volunteering. Community centres people a fantastic opportunity to enhance their resumes and pick up essential skills they’ll need in the workplace.

Assistance with community projects:

People come together community centres to work on larger community tasks like organising clean-ups or enhancing a gardening area. It’s not only about what happens inside of walls. Community centres extend to the larger neighbourhood and aim to town city, and local environment.

Positively affects the lives of children and youth:

For them to travel and engage in novel activities, youths need a secure environment. Community centres offer instruction and sports, includes athletic, artistic, and social events. Numerous opportunities to establish friends and pick up new skills provide programme people. Giving the young generation a constructive outlet for their energy can stop antisocial behaviour and foster the person’s best qualities instead.

Promotes culture and creativity:

Classes in arts and crafts and other cultural events are essential for enticing new residents to get part. There are more individuals around when there are more opportunities.

Exchanges useful information:

They offer information on programmes, events, and other activities taking place in the neighbourhood. You may be sure that your neighbourhood community centre or village hall will have all the information you need, from neighbourhood am-dram plays to community galas. Your community centre will have whatever publication you can think of, including guides, brochures, fliers, and bulletins. Keep up with local events by staying in touch. Additionally, your neighbourhood community centre may provide more extensive resources. 

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