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My First Skool is the best preschool in Singapore that provides an early introduction to learning and education for young children before they start their primary education, hence they will be better prepared. It also provides Home Learning Programme to complement its preschool curriculum, benefiting 22,000 students and their parents. This program introduces STEM-based learning which engages children in science, technology, engineering, and maths education. It also strives to support parents in nurturing the growth and development of their children effectively through different learning activities. It guarantees a Kindergarten 1 placement when a child completes its EYC program which is a new preschool model for children aged between two months to 4 years old. My First Skool is one of the top preschools and childcare centres in Singapore with over 40 years of expertise in child development, ensuring that their curriculum stays current with the latest developments in early childhood education.

My First Skool


My First Skool is the preschool arm of the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) and has been providing quality early childhood care and education for more than 40 years. The school’s mission is to be the first choice for families, and it strives to put children, their families, and educators first. Alva Myrdal, a member of the Ad Hoc Committee for an International Convention on the Rights of the Child, signed a 1946 memorandum submitted at a Unesco-organized conference on early childhood education, further cementing My First Skool’s commitment to providing quality education for children. The school’s curriculum focuses on promoting the development of children, not just providing knowledge, making it one of Singapore’s most sought-after preschools.

Curriculum Design at My First Skool

My First Skool offers a comprehensive, bilingual, and all-rounded program for young children with an emphasis on character development and development across six learning domains. The curriculum is designed to nurture strong, trusting relationships between teachers and children. My First Skool also engages children in STEM-based learning, such as Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths Education. With over 40 years of experience in child development, My First Skool remains up-to-date with the latest developments in early childhood education while also providing pupils with an engaging learning experience. Additionally, teachers at My First Skool observe and document the development of their students to plan activities accordingly. Thus, parents can rest assured that their children are receiving the best education possible at My First Skool.

Affordable Fees at My First Skool

At My First Skool, parents can be assured that their child will receive top-quality care with the most affordable fees in Singapore. My First Skool offers a wide range of childcare programs tailored to various phases of early childhood development at a reasonable cost. The registration fee is $86.40, the annual insurance fee is $5.40 and the uniform (4 sets) and mattress cover (2 sets) cost $108. Furthermore, My First Skool provides financial support and subsidies for low-income families to help them get the best out of their child’s education. For working mothers, their childcare fees are capped at $420 per month after subsidy before GST. Additionally, My First Skool is one of the few preschools in Singapore that has established a strong curriculum and learning environment to help raise children well.

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Comparing My First Skool to Little Skool-House

Comparing My First Skool to Little Skool-House is an important consideration for parents when looking for a preschool for their child. My First Skool offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to help children reach their full potential, with affordable fees and subsidies available for eligible families. The Little Skool-House International also provides a holistic curriculum, with a focus on nature-based activities such as farming sessions, as well as special graduation gifts and fundraising merchandise for school events. Both preschools have experienced teachers with 7-10 years of experience in the industry. Ultimately, parents need to find the preschool that best meets the needs of their child and family.

Fees Before and After Subsidy at My First Skool

At My First Skool, parents can benefit from reasonably priced childcare fees. Before subsidy, the fees range from $1,230 to $1,630 per month. However, with the Basic Subsidy of up to $600 per month and the Maximum Additional Subsidy of up to $710 (up from $500 previously), parents are able to pay as low as $420 per month for full-day childcare. This is significantly lower than other preschools and infant care programs in Singapore such as PCF Sparkletots Preschool and MY World Preschool. In addition, uniforms are available at a very affordable price of only $10 per set. For those looking for quality education at an affordable price, My First Skool is definitely the right choice!

Employee Review of My First Skool

My First Skool has an overall rating of 3.2 out of 5, based on over 138 reviews left anonymously by employees. 44% of employees would recommend this company to others, citing the good pay and competitive environment it provides. The staff is described as friendly, professional, and cooperative in working together, always maintaining a happy working environment. Employees are also given training for personal development in order to enhance their skills and knowledge. Moreover, job opportunities are available at My First Skool for those who are looking to join the preschool industry. With its PETAL pedagogical approach and niche programs such as STEM, Nature Learning, and Arts, My First Skool’s quality and holistic curriculum provides parents with the assurance that their children will be getting a great education.

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The Benefits of Enrolling Your Child at My First Skool

Enrolling your child at My First Skool provides them with a well-rounded education that lays the foundation for their future success. Our curriculum is designed to nurture social and emotional skills, while also providing an immersive Chinese environment that inculcates good values. Our unique relationships-based curriculum works to develop happy, confident, and resilient children who exude an “I can do it!” mentality. To help parents with the financial burden of enrolling their child in a preschool, My First Skool offers special limited-time promotions such as waivers of registration fees and earning 855 Linkpoints Worth $8.55. Furthermore, our caregivers are dedicated, well-trained professionals that provide your child with the best care in Singapore.

Finding the Right Preschool for Your Child

Finding the right preschool for your child is an important decision. At My First Skool, we understand that and strive to provide quality and accessible preschool education for all children. With our relationships-based curriculum, we focus on building positive and trusting relationships between teachers and children which will help them grow into confident individuals. We also provide affordable fees which can be further subsidized by the government, making it even more accessible for everyone. Our staff is highly committed to helping children reach their full potential, and with our MK – Early Years Centre (EYC) model in partnership with PCF Sparkletots, we are able to provide a unique learning experience. With all these benefits offered by My First Skool, parents can be sure that their child will have the best start in life.


In conclusion, My First Skool is the perfect preschool for parents who want their children to receive a top-notch education that sparks their passion for learning. It provides an environment that encourages autonomy and exploration, and its curriculum focuses on nurturing an “I Can Do It!” attitude. Furthermore, it is affordable and accessible to families from all walks of life. With its history of providing quality preschool education and its commitment to helping children develop and grow, My First Skool is the perfect choice for any family looking to give their child the best start in life.

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