Nan Chiau High School

by | Jun 23, 2022

Nan Chiau High School

Nan Chiau High School Logo

Know About The Education Provide By Nan Chiau High School

Nan Chiau High School is one of Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan’s six associated schools (SHHK). Nan Chiau Girl’s School was established in 1947. The school has evolved with the times and is now a respected educational institution known for its ideals and multilingual instruction. Nan Chiau High School attempts to bridge the past and present by encapsulating the feelings of nostalgia for the location while simultaneously changing itself into a sleek and modern structure suiting contemporary comfort.

Nan Chiau High School Entrance

Positivity’s Power

POP is a whole-school approach to ensuring all kids’ and staff’s overall well-being and holistic development by enhancing their social-emotional and psychological competencies in Nan Chiau High School. The POP framework is made up of three key components: Power of ME (celebrating the individual as an end in itself, nurturing intrinsic character strengths while acknowledging weaknesses and vulnerabilities, and centring the mind look at the present, the here and now), Power of GIVING (doing things that are positive thereby bonding relationships so collective comfort and strength in friends and family can found and Power of YET (doing things that are positive thereby bond relationships so that collective, comfort.

Nan Chiau High School Classroom

2021 CCE

To empower North Carolinians to be self-assured, empathetic leaders with the Power of Positivity s they can reach their potential and serve the country.

The importance of character development for our students recognises at NCHS, especially in a world that is rapidly changing and uncertain due to globalisation and technological breakthroughs. The NCHS CCE program, guided by our school’s vision, mission, and values, aspires to instil good values and social-emotional competencies in NC citizens so that they can not face these problems but also seize the possibilities that these forces provide. These programmes aim to instil not only a sense of national pride in NC citizens but also a sense of patriotism.

Nan Chiau High School Canteen

Our Course Of Study

Our NCHS-NE curriculum seeks to prepare our NCzens for an increasingly complicated world and help them grow into caring citizens who will actively contribute to Singapore by instilling sound principles and a shared Singapore Spirit. The NCHS-NE curriculum will be a four-year journey for all NCzens, with our graduates having the following skills: A sense of belonging: To have a better grasp we are as a nation and a shared understanding of the values that matter to us. 

Nan Chiau High School Garden

Framework for Service-Learning at NCHS

The NCHS Service-Learning (S-L) programme aims to raise student awareness of challenges in their communities and encourage them to take social responsibility in their domains of influence. Students will learn to investigate areas of concern, empathise with others, implement plans to create value in the community they live in and play their part through meaningful contributions to the community through the Service-Learning project cycle and the Design Thinking approach. Engage NCzens’ minds, hearts, and hands to help them grow into socially responsible citizens who make positive contributions to their communities. Allow NC citizens to gain and enhance knowledge, skills, beliefs, and attitudes that will enable them to lead, serve, and inspire others.

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