Nan Hua High School

by | Jun 23, 2022

Nan Hua High School

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Guide To Know About The  Nan Hua High School

The Performing Arts Groups at Nan Hua High School have recognised their high standards at the Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentations years. Students to play at various national occasions, including the yearly Chingay celebrations and the 2010 Youth Olympics Opening Ceremony. They’ve also performed in public places, including the Esplanade and the Victoria Concert Hall. Students learned to be disciplined leaders through the many Co-Curricular Activities (CCA).

The year 2017 marks a crucial turning point in the school’s 100-year history. “Centennial Excellence” will bring together the many groups of people who have contributed to the Nan Hua High School ways.

Nan Hua High School Campus

Department of Aesthetics

Students’ interest in learning about the arts in life is nurtured and empowered by the Aesthetics Department. Nan Hua High School provide a wide range of programmes in which students are exposed to various approaches and practices to become autonomous problem solvers and apply vital life skills. To drive students to attain instrumental mastery and performance proficiency Lower Secondary Music curriculum uses self-directed and collaborative learning. In an Arrangement Module, students used the iPad programme Garage Band to apply their knowledge of musical theory, music recording, and creative musical abilities. Students gained cultural awareness as a result of the Music Appreciation curriculum. Lessons in Lower Secondary Art based on the Lower Secondary Art Syllabus’s Big Ideas.

Nan Hua High School Singapore

Literature and English

The English Language and Literature Department is committed to helping Nanhuarians become world-aware, articulate, and engaged students. Our department has taken a step forward in achieving our purpose in 2020, thanks to innovative pedagogical approaches that bring teachings closer to students regardless of their location. In addition to our signature programmes like the Secondary One Public Speaking Workshops, the Structured Reading Program, and the Reading Ambassadors programme, the department collaborated with the Humanities Department to bring the English language to life through an exciting EL-Humanities Week Assembly lesson.

Nan Hua High School Garden

Innovations in ICT

The year 2020 is dedicated to innovation. It forced teachers to step outside their comfort zones and accept the ‘new normal.’ Teachers in the department fearlessly adopted new applications and platforms as Student Learning Spaces (SLS), Google Classroom, Pear Deck, and Padlet, despite the volatility of the scenario. Although some of us had misgivings about Full Home-Based Learning at first, we experimented with novel methods of synchronous and asynchronous online education and were pleasantly delighted by the results.

There was also a sharing among department colleagues about some of the technologies we discovered during Full Home-Based Learning. Mr Goh Bang Rui brought Pear Deck to the department, an interactive teaching tool that allows professors successfully communicate with their students.

Nan Hua High School Gazeebo

EL-Humanities Week

Singapore’s perseverance embodies the theme for EL-Humanities Week 2020: From Darkness to Light. The delight of the Humanities felt this year as students took on the role of David and were engaged in historical periods where they exercised critical thinking, made numerous choices, and understood the ramifications of their decisions. Geography and literature stress activities students require to locate locations using map reading and literary methods.

The games were entertaining, given a letter to modify and riddles to answer based on a map.

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