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by | May 10, 2022

Nanshan Group

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Nanshan Group, which was founded at the dawn of reform and opening up, has grown into a large-scale private joint-stock firm that is now consistently included in the Top 500 Chinese Enterprises after more than four decades of tough effort. It now employs over 40,000 people and was placed 176th in the Top 500 Chinese Enterprises and 74th in the Top 500 Enterprises in the Chinese Manufacturing Industry in 2018 due to its overall strength. Aluminum, textiles and garments (Nanshan Zhishang), Yulong petrochemical industrial park, real estate, finance, scientific research education, tourism, and health preservation have all established a growth pattern.

Nanshan Group Singapore Co. Pte. Ltd. was founded in 2010 as Nanshan Group China’s overseas affiliate and regional headquarters in Southeast Asia. Aluminium trade, hotel investment and operations, stock investment, fund management and securities and other financial services, energy & chemicals, real estate development, and other companies are now Nanshan Singapore’s primary business divisions. We are determined to take immediate action to develop and build our organization in a sustainable manner, given the continuously rising industries scope. “Good morals toward perfection, accumulating hills toward mountain” is one of our key principles that we are always aiming to achieve.

Nanshan is a district in Singapore. Singapore capitalizes on its advantages as an international financial center, trade center, and shipping hub, and is working to provide a new platform for Nanshan’s international investment collaboration. It is devoted to expanding the export of aluminum goods to ASEAN nations, Australia, and several Middle Eastern countries. Meanwhile, the business plans to create an integrated shipping platform to help Nanshan achieve its worldwide goal by providing shipping assistance.

In 2013, New Nanshan International was founded. Nanshan has been aggressively responding to the national “transformation and upgrading” policy to create an aircraft industrial park and increase the value of aluminum goods in recent years. So far, a pattern of expanding many businesses has emerged, dominated by the aluminum industry, Zhishang shares, Yulong petrochemical, Real estate, Finance, Research Education, Tourism, and Health Regime, among others. Using the goal of “Hundred-year New Nanshan” as a guide, global-advanced management principles as a guide, and providing service to our nation and rewarding the hometown via industrial development. New Nanshan International aspires to make a significant contribution to the local economy.

New Nanshan International has inherited from the Nanshan spirit a unique strategic mode for operation and development: “giving importance to the key business, chain operation.” New Nanshan International’s health preservation section will focus on growing companies like as medical treatment, health management, loving nursing, and health product distribution. Nanshan Tourism now has business types such as national 5A scenic spot, top 100 international travel services in China, and a diversified industrial structure system integrating tourism sightseeing and vacation, conference business, leisure and health preservation, festival conference and exhibition, study tour, and so on, forming a diversified industrial structure system integrating tourism sightseeing and vacation, conference business, leisure and health preservation, festival conference and exhibition, and so on. New Nanshan International’s education division features a world-class education system that includes vacationing and sightseeing, leisure and relaxation, starred hotel groups, high-end business, conference, and exposition services. New Nanshan International’s Real Estate division uses financial investment companies, stock equity financing companies, and publicly traded companies as carriers to boost industrial growth via capital operations, therefore promoting local economic prosperity.

“New Nanshan strives for the greatest level of quality while working with high responsibility to enhance people’s living situations.” New Nanshan International will continue to uphold the corporate values of “loyalty, responsibility, diligence, and dedication,” inherit the Nanshan culture, instill the New Nanshan spirit, and work to establish a new Hundred-year industry brand.

With a forward-looking attitude, we share our resources with the world against the backdrop of economic globalization, with the goal of furthering our company’s internationalization process. We base ourselves in China and launch layout globally by combining our advantages in manufacturing capacity, technologies, cash, and mode.

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