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Nanyang Community Club

Nanyang Community Club view

Want To Know About Nanyang Community Club?

The four-faced clock tower on the Nanyang CC is a recognisable landmark. Residents can enjoy a lovely view of Nanyang from the roof top of the iconic CC, which serves as a multipurpose gathering place. For social occasions, it is the perfect location. In addition to offering a wide choice of classes and amenities, Nanyang CC also includes community gardens (vegetable and herbal gardens) for those who enjoy the outdoors. Residents and grassroots leaders look after the gardens in Nanyang Community Club. The CC offers Awin’s People’s-Contours Express Women’s Gym for fitness enthusiasts.


For its four-faced clock tower, Nanyang Community Club is well known. The renovation of Nanyang CC restores the building’s essential character while reviving its exterior and communal amenities. Multipurpose function spaces, such the rooftop, provide entertainment while providing a lovely view of the Nanyang estate. The estate’s own residents and grassroots leaders manage communal gardens of veggies and herbs made available to nature lovers in Nanyang Community Club. With the help of these facilities, social gatherings and neighbourhood events are promoted and held in a more upbeat and contemporary setting.


The Chinese Shaolin martial art is where the origins of the historic Japanese martial art known as karate can found. It is a martial art for self-defence that incorporates Shaolin native combat methods. It is also a well-liked sport, and in 2020, it will make its Olympic debut. Participants will pick up the fundamentals of blocking, punching, hitting and kicking spare offensive and defensive moves. It is a safe form of competition where points given for using tactics correctly. Through karate training, one can develop their physical (power, speed, rhythm, balance, and strength), mental (concentration and attention), and spiritual (perseverance) prowess. All ages can enjoy it, but mainly kids and teenagers.

Level 2 English Creative Writing for Elementary Students

Students in grades 2 and 3 can enrol in this English Creative Writing course. If your child lacks a solid basis in the English language, we advise registering at level 1 (the lowest level).

Learners will gain:

Tools and approaches for creative thinking that have been tried and true; complex writing skills that have made simple for young writers to learn and practise; Express emotions verbally for compelling storytelling Ability, to express yourself through words; practise through enjoyable and participatory games. Specialised writing classes offer The Learning Edge Centre Pte Ltd to assist Primary level pupils in express themselves in writing confidence.

Students will gain the skills necessary to make a connection between their imagination and their written storytelling.


Before the start of the course, you must register. Once the course cost has paid, it is non-transferable and non-refundable. A $30 material fee is due to the assigned teacher.

Nanyang Community Club 

Dance Studio

Typically, a dance studio has a smooth floor covering or, if it’s for tap dancing, a wooden floor. The soft vinyl flooring is often referred to as a performance surface and is referred to as “marley,” typically not permanently attached to the underlying floor and may be rolled up and transported to performance venues if necessary. In many instances, the floor is sprung, which refers to the floor’s ability to bend and absorb the force of vigorous dancing movements like jumping. Enhance health and safety is regarded as essential.

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