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Places To See In National Orchid Garden

National Orchid Garden, located on the highest hill in Singapore Botanic Gardens, is the only tropical botanic garden designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The orchids have played an ideal role in the garden’s history, with approximately 2,000 kinds of flowers. The National Orchid Garden gets widely regarded as the best effort in the history of amalgam research.

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The National Orchid Garden has 60,000 orchid plants representing 1000 species and 2,000 hybrids spread on three hectares of well-kept slopes.

National Orchid Garden Attractions

The National Orchid Garden in Singapore is unquestionably beautiful. It has the best-looking orchids in the world. Apart from the flowers, there are a few other things to marvel at in the National Orchid Garden:

Garden Stores
The Gardens Shops, located here, will delight book lovers, accessory lovers, and souvenir collectors. The shop contains some of the best collections, enticing every visitor to purchase something

National Orchid Garden bridge

Mist House of Tan Hoon Siang
You will find some of the most colorful and unique orchids you have ever seen here. It is a fantastic spot for taking photos and relaxing while appreciating nature’s bounty.

Must-See Cool House
The Chilly house is a Flora Conservatory where the temperature keeps cool to keep the plants alive. It also has a few species of Carnivore plants, such as Pitcher plants. They get planted in the proper conditions before being returned to the garden to mature.

Must-Visit VIP Garden
This garden section is so named because it contains orchids named after prominent figures such as Ban Ki-Moon, Baroness Margaret Thatcher, and others. The affluent and famous are honored with the names of these lovely and vivid orchids. The name VIP garden gets chosen to Honor remarkable people and their accomplishments. People enjoy coming here to get some fresh air and to exercise and jog.

Burkill Hall
Burkill Hall, perched on the highest point in the garden, is a must-see. It gets named for Isaac and Humphrey Burkill, who lived here as a father and son and as a dwelling.

National Orchid Garden

Garden of Celebrity
Well-known movie stars have orchids named after their addition to foreign dignitaries.

Collection Vanda Miss Joaquin
Vanda Miss Joaquin is the national flower of Singapore and one of the Orchid hybrids. Miss Joaquin orchids grow all year near the weeping willow.

Heritage Orchid Garden
The spectacular Heritage Orchid Garden pays homage to the importance of orchids in Singapore’s history and culture by housing a beautiful purple, yellow, and orange orchid collection. The orchids at the Heritage Orchid Garden get named after famous historical figures. The yellow Aranthera orchid is named after Beatrice Ng, while the red and white striped Arachnis orchid gets named after Maggie Oei.

Getting to the Garden
By Car – the National Orchid Garden is located 11.2 kilometers from the city center of Singapore. You can take taxis or hire a private car in 15 minutes to get to the garden from your nearest hotel.

Taking the bus – by HarbourFront, arrive at Opp Lutheran Twrs. The activity site is 4 kilometers distant and takes about 6 minutes to get to by car/cab.


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