Naval Base Secondary School

by | Jun 23, 2022

Naval Base Secondary School

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Things To About The Naval Base Secondary School

Naval Base Secondary School was the name school at the time, and it was a school. History Naval Base Secondary School (NBSS) dates back to 1957 when the British Navy set aside a plot of land on Bah Tan Road on the British Naval Base to construct a school for the children of naval base employees.  

When the elementary division transferred to Canberra School in 1968, the school rename Naval Base Secondary School. In July 1988, the school moved from its previous location on Bah Tan Road to its current location on Yishun Ring Road. From 2008 to 2009, NBSS underwent PRIME upgrades and was temporarily placed at a holding site in Sembawang.

Naval Base Secondary School Campus

Empowerment in Sports

The Tier 2 Sports Empowerment (Growth & Development) track allows students to experience several roles, such as spectatorship and sportsmanship recreational and competitive levels.

There will also be platforms for students who have the potential to improve their leadership, facilitation, presentation, and event management skills in  Naval Base Secondary School. Opportunities explore and contribute to sports roles structured during CCA or PE classes and school-wide activities the Cross Country Run or the NBSS Sports Fiesta. At this point, critical and imaginative thinking skills can develop.

Naval Base Secondary School Auditorium

Admission to a school by Direct Admission (DSA)

Before the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) results revealed, the Direct School Admission (DSA) Exercise allows participating secondary schools to pick selected Primary 6 students for admission to Secondary One based on their achievements and talents. It aims to promote holistic education by allow students to demonstrate a wide range of accomplishments while applying for secondary school admission.

Parents and kids urged to select schools based on a student’s aptitudes and strengths school’s academic and non-academic requirements the programmes provided to improve the student’s area of potential.

Naval Base Secondary School Classroom

Research Scholars Programme (RSP)

RSP is available to students who have a strong interest in and aptitude for arithmetic, scientific investigation, and problem-solving. Scholars will also have the opportunity to create original academic games and host competitions in the areas of mathematics and science. They will also participate in research initiatives with higher education institutions and industrial partner attachment programmes.

English Language Scholars Programme (ELSP)

The ELSP programme concentrates on communication and is available to students have a natural affinity for the English language. Scholars will ask to create multiple pieces of written work of a standard worthy of publication and more exposure during public speaking competitions.

Naval Base Secondary School Field

Art Talent Development Programme (ATDP)

The ATDP is a 4-5 yrs CCA-based programme that allows students with a strong interest in and skill for art to study it outside of school hours. Students are not obligated to offer art at the upper secondary level and may apply based on their interests.

Students on the ATDP will participate in major developmental programmes at various phases of their education in creating their practice and portfolio. Secondary two students, for example, will take part in a 6-week curation module at the National Gallery Singapore, while Secondary three students will organise the school’s annual art show.

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