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Nee Soon Central Community Club

Nee Soon Central Community Club view

Things To Know About Nee Soon Central Community Club

On June 18, 2002, the Nee Soon South Community Club Building at 30 Yishun Street 81 finished. Mr. Lee Hsien Loong, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance official, opening on November 16, 2003.

Nee Soon Central Community Club is a three-story structure with a floor space of 5,333 square metres that was once a void deck CC situated at Block 838 Yishun 2. The CC aspires to serve as the primary hub where locals congregate and communicate.


Nee Soon Central Community Club also intends to arrange more engaging programmes and events to connect with a larger population of Nee Soon South residents, deepen resident ties, and create a tighter, more cohesive society.

The CC’s amenities include a multipurpose room with air conditioning, a badminton court, a karaoke room, a dance studio, a theatre with retractable seats, and a kitchen. We seek to promote a spirit of mutual aid and concern among everybody, where we care for one another and experience a sense of belonging to the community with the help of volunteers who have given their time and effort.

Reading and Phonics for Students

The goal course is to improve the students’ recognition of phonics (alphabet sounds) and their ability to link those sounds to words and phrases. Students will learn the fundamentals of acoustics while also receiving instruction on how to read passages and stories.


Cost of materials: $10 per term (payable to trainer)

For K1 / K2 (New & Existing Students)

Please take note of the refund policy, which states that after costs have paid or in part, there will be no returns issue unless the course/activity facility booking is cancelled or rescheduled as appropriate by the Committee or the People’s Association.

Calligraphy in Chinese

To aid participants in developing a grasp of Chinese calligraphy, emphasis placed on learning the proper brush handling and writing skills. Please be aware that after payments have paid in whole or part, there are no refunds available, except situations’ the course/activity facility booking is cancelled or rescheduled as appropriate by the Committee or the People’s Association.

Guzheng (Adult) – Basic

The Guzheng, an ancient Chinese musical instrument with plucked strings and movable bridges, is related to the Japanese koto. In a small group participants pick up the necessary skills for playing this instrument. When students have gathered enough knowledge and experience, they might be able to join an existing Chinese orchestra at a club or community centre.

Conditions and Notes:

  • combined class of children and adults
  • combine type of children and adults

Korean language basics (Stage 1)

With the help of this course, students will learn the Korean alphabet, learn to read and write basic Korean, and be able to have brief conversations in the language. $20 in materials is required and should be paid to the instructor directly.

Mental & Math Training for P1 using iBrainMath

A two-in-one complete Mental and Mathematics programme create for N2, K1, K2, and P1 kids is called iBrainMath Mental & Mathematics Preparation for P1 (IBMP) (Aged 4 – 7 years). Students must complete the whole P1 Mathematics Syllabus includes Mental Math, thanks to IBMP’s planned coursework. By further bridging the gap between Kindergarten and Primary One, IBMP exposes pupils to various mathematics concepts.

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