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Nee Soon East Community Club

Nee Soon East Community Club

To Know More About Nee Soon East Community Club

Additionally, there are kid-friendly sinks in the restrooms and additional diaper-changing stations in the Nee Soon East Community Club. The Community Club began operations formally on August 1, 2015, mark the beginning of World Breastfeeding Week. In order to contribute to the design of the room, the mothers of Project Liquid Gold collaborated closely with Nee Soon East Community Club. The newly renovated CC has breastfeeding mothers in mind, which is fantastic, and TNAP hopes other public institutions will do the same. It is great to see Singapore taking steps to foster a breastfeeding-friendly society by including a nursing area in a public facility.

Elementary Korean Language [email protected] (Stage I)

With the help of this course, students will learn the Korean alphabet, learn to read and write basic Korean, and be able to have brief conversations in the language in Nee Soon East Community Club.


  • $20 materials fee (Payable to the trainer)
  • $20 materials fee (Payable to the trainer)

Zhineng Qigong

Three forms (Static Form, Dynamic Form, and Spontaneous Form) and three stages make up Zhineng Qigong (External Hunyuan, Internal Hunyuan and Central Hunyuan). Participants will learn the fundamental steps and forms.

Conditions and Notes:

Mandarin will use in class. Features of the course: The second stage of Teacher Pang Ming’s intelligent qigong, dubbed “the first village in the world,” is called “Xingshen Zhuang.” By performing this action, you can harmonise your body and spirit, build your body’s shape, smooth out your meridians, and unleash the power of wisdom. The “experience space,” “whole,” “calm,” and other states use during the training. Once finished, pupils will be able to grasp the “Xingshenzhuang” ten-section workout method and further advance their level of health.

What covered in this “Xingshenzhuang” course?

  1. The energy bursting from the crane and dragon heads in the first segment. Learn to move up and down, look about, and take everything.
  2. The shoulders, arms, and shoulders in Section 2 are cold. The upright palms and splitting third segment used to smooth the meridians.

      3. Section 4: The spirit is replete with power.

  1. Section 5: Relax the Governor Vessel by bending over.
  2. Section 6: Return to the field after turning your waist to wash your hips. Section 7: The opening of the crotch before and after the flat feet.
  3. Section 9: Tai Chi with one leg lifted. Section 8: Kneeling and kneeling in three portions.
  4. Section 10: Go back to Hunyuan and Qi.
  5. Adhere to the advice technique. 

A little test.

  1. Exercise: Xingshen Zhuang’s first half and the selection of Xingshen Zhuang
  2. Exercise: Xingshen Zhuang’s second half, a passage from the work.

The course is appropriate for learners who have finished the “Holding Qi and Passing the Top Method” for old and new acquaintances.


Morihei Ueshiba developed the martial art of aikido, which founded on the idea of global harmony. The aim is to overcome the bad traits live in one’s mind and restrict its operation. Combining techniques from sword and spear fighting, jujitsu, aikjutsu, and other traditional martial arts teaches practical self-defence. It emphasises the centralisation of ideas and behaviours the expansion of mental capacity (qi). Qi exercise, breathing exercises and meditation, participants will practise aikido with the mind and body working together.

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