Nex Shopping Mall Waterpark


Come See The Exciting New Waterpark At Nex Shopping Mall!

After hearing so much about the water park at NEX Shopping Mall, we decided to take the boys and see for ourselves. We felt it was a wonderful way to engage youngsters while also providing an opportunity for dog owners to share some quality time together. Drive only if you really need to, particularly on weekends and public holidays, since parking is a nightmare in the North East. You should also observe the store’s restrictions on where dogs are permitted to go if you bring your dog and aren’t familiar with the local norms. The Serangoon Central SMRT station and the bus interchange are both located in the basement of the building, and it’s a bit of a mess.

Get the kids dressed up and let them loose on the rooftop (or Sky Garden) once you arrive. When we were there, the dry playground quickly became a favourite of the more daring kids, including our own sons, since the slide is downright treacherous with wet bathing suits! It was a hoot to see.

In case you’re travelling with a dog, be sure to check out K9, which is a closed off doggy adventure park (one for little dogs and another for large dogs). Although it’s a tiny park, it had a few people using it. My favourite part about Doggy Style Cafe in Singapore is that you can bring your dog in and they’ll take care of everything while you relax with a cup of coffee. A nice spot to put your pets if you wish to go elsewhere in the mall, since dogs are not permitted anyplace else in the mall. It was packed the whole time we were there.

The boys had a great time at the second Pet Safari, which is spread out across two floors and focuses on all things animal. When we got to the main retail area, it was time to go back to the hotel. To be honest, it’s a strange shopping mall to me, with plenty of small hallways housing everything a shopper could want, including a slew of excellent dining establishments. The youngsters were mesmerised by the events unfolding all around them, as there was something interesting to watch just about wherever they turned. It’s one of those tumultuous locales that sparks the imagination of children everywhere.

A sampling of what’s available in the area includes: Isetan, Shaw Theatre, Serangoon Public Library; Cold Storage; Courts; Challenger; Kiddy Palace; Party World KTV; Virtualand; King & King Wong; and Studio Tangs.

As an aside, I haven’t been to a King & King Wong store before, but it’s like a weird IKEA for home decor. I’m not sure about the furniture’s quality, but the patterns were interesting, and there were some great home accents like candle holders, bath mats, containers, and vases. As long as you don’t mind two little boys rummaging around the aisles, this establishment is worth a visit. They’ll be able to see with their own eyes one day. There are more than 90 restaurants and snack bars, as well as two large food courts, in the area.

It’s a perfect alternative for families (and pets) seeking to burn off some energy, but I believe it’s also a good option for Mom and Dad since it has something for everyone. Sunscreen and a hat are essential if you want to be out in the sun between the hours of 11am and 3pm. The Sky Park lacks any kind of shade. If you’re looking to save money, you can have a family picnic on the roof, and it’s a terrific location to go when it’s simply too hot to be outside all day.

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