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All you need to know about the Nex Shopping Mall

Nex Shopping Mall is Singapore’s biggest outlying mall. The Serangoon MRT’s Circle Line portion gets erected on top of the development. It gets finished in 2010, and 2014 saw some light upgrades. This commercial center offers visitors top-notch dining, entertainment, and shopping. The Serangoon Public Library and Shaw Theatres Nex are available for education and amusement. Check out the SkyGarden on the mall’s rooftop after you’ve finished eating and shopping. It has K9 Park, the first mall-based dog park in the nation KidzPlay, an interactive playground for kids that is wet and dry. The amenities in the mall include parking, restrooms, nursing and baby rooms, SAM and ATMs, and cash card top-up stations. Singapore’s Nex Shopping Mall get situated at 23 Serangoon Central. The business is open daily from 10:30 am until 10:30 pm.

Nex – map, mall directory, and more

A sizable suburban shopping center called NEX to situate in Singapore’s northeastern corridor. This enormous complex gets located along Upper Serangoon Road in the Serangoon Central neighborhood, surrounded by Serangoon Central and Serangoon Avenue 2 roads.Nex gets directly connected to the underground Serangoon MRT Station (CC13, NE12), an interchange stop for the Circle Line (CCL) and North-East Line (NEL) MRT lines, as well as the integrated air-conditioned Serangoon Bus Interchange. The term “NEX” get thought to be an acronym for “northeast exchange” because it shares space with important public transportation exchange/interchange locations in Singapore’s northeast.

Men’s and women’s clothing, fashion accessories, pharmacies, two supermarkets/hypermarkets, banks, telecommunications service branches and mobile phone shops, pet accessory shops, hair/beauty salons, and fitness spas, as well as home furnishings and electronics/IT stores, are all part of the retail mix in this area, Within nex is also the Serangoon Public Library of the NLB. One of Nex’s best features is its huge rooftop garden, which is open to the air and offers a haven from the masses of people shopping below.

nex entrance

Getting Here:

By public bus:

Get out at the Nex complex’s Serangoon Bus Interchange. Alternative options include getting out at bus stops along Serangoon Central, Serangoon Avenue 2, or Upper Serangoon Road, the three nearby roads.

nex facade

By train or subway:

Get off at the underground Serangoon MRT Station (NE12 of the North-East Line and CC13 of the Circle Line).

By car:

Park in Nex’s lot or a nearby HDB lot if you’re nearby. A pedestrian bridge connects Level 1 of nex to the historic Serangoon Bus Interchange, which features a sizable, convenient parking lot nearby.

Japanese Restaurants, Korean BBQ, Hotpot, and More in NEX Singapore

NEX, located in the center of Serangoon, is constantly crowded. With over 70 dining options, two food courts, and a freshly opened Japanese street food enclave, it’s easy to see why. Here are some excellent dining options in Singapore’s biggest mall, whether you want to eat with the family or grab lunch with coworkers.

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