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Nexus International School Singapore

Everything about Nexus International School Singapore

Taylor’s Schools launched the Nexus International School brand in 2007, with the first campus in Putrajaya, Malaysia. Taylor’s bought Excelsior International School Pte Ltd, the company that owned the school, on June 2, 2011. Nexus International School Singapore (NISS)  get located in Ulu Pandan till 2019, get renamed. The Nexus brand gets created with 21st-century learning in mind at every school level. Taylor’s Schools’ success as one of Asia’s leading private education providers gets based on the need to change and respond to the future. The “Nexus Way” get created to adopt essential principles of Mindsets, Relationships, Inclusion, and Innovation as a guiding philosophy.

Co-Curricular activities:

We feel children must discover interests outside of school that they enjoy, and the CCA program will expose them to different types of engaging activities. Over 90 CCAs are available to students. There’s something for everyone, from choir to Model United Nations (MUN), netball, rugby, swimming, and chess club to more modern possibilities like Dungeons & Dragons, golf, lego robotics, Irish dance, and racing car engineering. Many CCAs are free unless they get caught by an expert or need extra supplies. Some CCAs are available at lunch or before school. 

The Athletic Conference of Singapore International Schools has accepted us as a full member (ACSIS). The Nexus International School Singapore (NISS) objective is to equip young athletes with a diverse and balanced inter-school athletic program that is an intrinsic component of their educational experience. Whether they win or lose, ACSIS schools encourage students to put in a winning effort, show sportsmanship and treat others with respect. Nexus’ membership allows it to play in various sports alongside international schools throughout Singapore.


Highly motivated and skilled teachers provide the foundation for inspired learning. More than 80% of our instructors have more than five years of teaching experience and two or more professional certifications, demonstrating their ability to give high-quality education to all our students. But education doesn’t end there. We invest in ongoing staff training, from coaching to hosting guest speakers and exchanging best practices with other foreign schools, through programs like our own in-house professional development. Nexus encourages professional development, with 43 percent of teachers possessing a Master’s Degree and many more working toward their certifications. We recruit highly qualified support staff with a bachelor’s degree held by 57 percent of our classroom assistants.Language is crucial since, as an international school, this is sometimes the first time pupils encounter a language that is not their native tongue. Nexus employs people from all over the world who are fluent in different languages and are certified to teach English to second-language learners. It is to assist our students in communicating and gaining confidence.

  • Core Values
  • Respecting And Caring For One Another 
  •  Dedicated To An Excellent Culture
  • Openness In Communication 
  • Acting With Integrity 
  • Being Passionate About What We Do 
  • Creating Enjoyable Environments
  • Nexus Vision

The Nexus Vision Is To Educate The World’s Youth To Be Productive Leaders In The Global Community.

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