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by | Jun 24, 2022

Northlight School

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Everything To Know About The Northlight School

The NorthLight School’s mission is to give students a stimulating education that will equip them for lifetime learning and employment. In terms of teaching and learning, the Northlight School takes an experiential approach. Students’ socio-emotional development gets emphasised by recognizing their accomplishments, fostering peer support, and establishing situations that encourage self-esteem.

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Northlight School, a preferred school for preparing young people for life and living, aims to develop students – who are self-assured, motivated, and morally upright. The school’s graduates will be energetic and enterprising, embrace lifelong learning, and contribute positively to the community.

Sports Wellness and Physical education:

Character is one of the three primary pillars of the character system.

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Physical development and holistic education

As part of 21 Century CC, the Education & Sports Wellness (PE-SW) program serves to instil in our students the significance of teamwork, resilience, creative problem solving, and character & value formation. Because the vast of our students are kinaesthetic and visual learners, the PE-SW Department’s curriculum gets geared to make learning experiential and enjoyable for them. 

Our pupils’ learning environment gets purposefully developed to ensure that – their learning is purposeful and fosters meaningful socio-emotional growth.

These opportunities help improve – our students’ P.I.ES (Physical, Intellectual, Emotional & Social). Furthermore, the PE – SW curriculum is developmental. Beginning with Exposure (to various sports, skills, and information), followed by Familiarisation through Practice, Refinement, and Consolidation.

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  • The Life Learning Academy in San Francisco serves as a model for the curriculum. 
  • The vocational curriculum focuses on students’ emotional strength and teaching life skills. 
  • Several vocational alternatives get included in the curriculum.

In addition, there is an 8-week industrial attachment to ensure that the skills learned in school apply to real-world work needs. A Co-Curricular Activity (CCA) program exists to meet the requirements of students outside of the classroom. Full-time in-house counsellors are available to help kids struggling with social and emotional issues.

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NorthLight School Partners’ Code of Conduct

The school has established a NorthLight Code of Conduct for Partners, which attempts to ensure that all partners are aware of the expected quality of behaviour.

When carrying out their tasks and contacts, Partners gets expected to follow the Partners’ Code of Conduct.

Northlight School Class

Everyone who interacts with students must:

  • Maintain they’re responsibly and suitably.
  • Always act in the best interests of the pupils.

If they encounter a conflict of interest while carrying out their involvement with the school, partners are obligated to notify the school (other commitments, roles in other organisations).

In schools, the Ministry of Education (MOE) promotes sexuality education.

In schools, sexuality education (SEd) aims to help students understand the physiological, social, and emotional changes that occur as they grow older, develop healthy and rewarding relationships, including those with people of the opposite sex, and make wise, informed, and responsible sexuality decisions. The importance of the family as the basic unit of society lies at the heart of SEd. It entails promoting happy, heterosexual marriages and stable nuclear families with the help of extended family. The teaching and learning of SEd get based on respect for the many ethnic and religious communities in Singapore’s values and beliefs on sexuality issues.

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