Northoaks Primary School

by | May 27, 2022

Northoaks Primary School

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Programmes Conduct In Northoaks School To Develop Students

North Oaks Primary School values all of its students. The school’s name brings up images of a forest full of strong, towering, gorgeous, and one-of-a-kind oak trees. With school grounds and rich flora surrounding the school, we envision Northoaks Primary School within a garden, kid is treated as a young plant, passing through the hands of a gardener who nurtures each child and is responsible for their development.

Meta Description

In the year 2014, Northoaks Primary School get founded. Every child who enters the school expects get a holistic and meaningful education.

Program for Active Reading

The Active Reading Committee implements the Active Reading Program, is a collaborative project of the Mother Tongue Languages (MTL) and English Language (EL) Departments. Its goal is to foster a love of reading and promote language appreciation. To increase our pupils’ access to literature and to read widely in Northoaks Primary School. This year, we created five activities to foster a reading culture in our school: ‘Reading Under the Stars (RUTS),’ ‘Mobile Library @ Foyer,’ ‘Pre-loved Books on Wheels,’ ‘Eat-a-Book,’ and ‘Storytelling.’ In addition to these activities, we’ve taught students how to use internet portals to obtain e-books and other resources from the National Library Board (NLB).

Program for Active Recess

In 2017, the school implemented the Active Recess Program to encourage kids to participate in recess activities. Apart from providing kids with an opportunity to have fun, we hope that they will be able to continue practising the skills they learned in PE class. When pupils leave school, the school hopes that they will have the knowledge and abilities to live an active and healthy lifestyle.

Despite the Covid-19 problem, we kept our Active Recess Program going this year. Each class assigned to a specific location, and children are only allowed to play with their classmates. The Active Recess Committee makes sure that all students follow the Safe Management Measures, which include hand washing and disinfection before and after activities.

Program for Active Learning (PAL).

Through a teacher-student relationship, NKPS PAL emphasises engaged learning and teaching. PAL exposes children to various engaging learning experiences that help them develop holistically in the physical, cognitive, social, artistic, and moral domains. Students also acquire socio-emotional include respect for others and making responsible decisions. The PAL modules are designed to help students gain confidence in their abilities, foster curiosity and a positive attitude toward learning, and enjoy group activities and teamwork.

Drone programming and coding

In Primary 4, students in the ICT Club learn to code using the Scratch coding software. They learn about various programming functions and how to design simple coding sequences. Students in Primary 5 use the Swift application to learn how to programme drones. Students learn to programme the flying sequence in the software before syncing it to the drones to ensure accuracy.

Video Production 

Students also learn how to make videos. They also basic post-production with the Video Maker Software included in the Windows 10 package. Students learn to utilise DSLR cameras as they advance through Primary 5. Students are encouraged to experiment with various methods of presenting their thoughts. Enhance their video producing skills work in groups on a video project. Through the training activities, students understand the value of collaboration.

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